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A Day Full of Devices: My At-Home IT Work

The good news is that I'm feeling MUCH BETTER today! Obviously it wouldn't take much, considering how lousy I felt yesterday. Hahaha. But no digestive issues today, thankfully. So I'll avoid being so TMI. Hahaha.

This morning I ate leftover curry noodles for breakfast. Delicious!!!

I was disappointed NOT to go to work with Marilyn -- nor to Gunny's funeral with Marilyn and Angel in McMinnville. But Marilyn took a bunch of wonderful photos for me to see, anyway.

But I'm glad I stayed home, as I got a lot done today.

First Sue came over and we went to her house. I wanted to get a look at their computers -- both Sue's and Candy's are down, for whatever reason. I'm not sure what's going on there, but I couldn't tell a thing. I'll leave it to Donn to look at them and reason it out...

But Sue and I spent some time getting her used to her 'new' iPad (an old iPad 2). She's very afraid about using it, but there's really nothing she can do to mess it up. Marilyn and I really want her to be comfortable with it so she has an alternative to using her desktop.

And this from me, as I sit here in my home office using my desktop computer to blog! Hahaha.

Anyway, we looked at Photos, we looked at her email and played around with it a bit. I wanted her to try reading email and answering some. She only answered one, but it's a start.

Funny Note: I thought I had her WiFi password for Comcast -- but at some point Candy had work done and they changed it! So their account wasn't named the same, nor was their password the same. I had to phone Candy at work to get it so Sue and I could use our iPads.

She needed to go pick up Nicole from school, but she kindly took me to pick up my prescriptions from Riteaid on the way home.

As soon as I got home I phoned June and headed directly over to her house. She had been having issues downloading books to her Kindle. She has the same Kindle that I have, the Paperwhite. At first we were having SO MANY ISSUES that I thought she was going to have to send it back to Amazon and have it replaced (which happened to me with my first Kindle years ago). But after restarting the device, I found out she'd never downloaded the Kindle update -- and I think that came through as much as six months ago (or longer)! Obviously she hasn't been using her Kindle much. (smile)

After that, I walked her through the steps to download a book, writing it all down. It's not as easy as it sounds, actually! It's kind of funny that it's easier to download books to the Kindle App than to an actual Kindle! I wonder why that is??? I also found Kindle on her iPad and added Kindle to her iPhone -- so she can always read things there, if she wants to.

(Recently I was reading a book on Kindle on my iPhone, even though I had my Kindle with me...)

June also wanted to change the sounds on her iPhone and iPad. She wanted to be able to hear them better. She has a good point, as often the sounds are so soft you just don't notice them. So we went into iTunes and downloaded some tones (after listening to TONS of them... smile...).

Then she'd been having computer issues, so we went into her office and I started messing with her desktop.

An on-going issue with Comcast is that every so often for no reason their password will corrupt! I've been helping June with her Comcast account for many years now, and I can't even tell you how many times this has happened...

I tried entering the password over and over -- but it just wouldn't take it! So I phoned Comcast and went through the usual crap just getting an actual person to talk to. Then the crap of them allowing me to discuss June's account. (How many times did I have to say I had the security pin in my hand?) We got directed to an online page for setting your password. It's quite immediate, which is impressive! I have to believe that they not only have it for people who forget their passwords, but also for situations like this (where the password corrupts).

By the way, every single time I get those automated talk-to-me things on the phone, I end up YELLING at them! They never understand me, no matter how clearly and slowly I speak. So damn annoying! I'm never in a good mood by the time I get to the live person...

And at one point the recording was playing in super slow-mo!!! I could almost not make out what was being said! What gives with that??? Technology can NOT replace people for customer service, that's for sure.

After we reset the password, I checked the email and all was well (we used the same password over again).

Next, June had a shortcut on her desktop to a Word document. The last time she used it, it wouldn't save properly. I tried the shortcut and ended up in a BAD document that crashed. It was a mess -- totally corrupted!

I went into her My Documents and found the original document. She's been adding to this for nearly a decade. I'm not sure WHY I never told her to save a different version each time she goes in, but I explained that today. Then if a version goes bad, she can fall back on the previous month's version! That way she'd only end up re-doing a month or two of her work...

I really admire June! First, she's in her 80's. In case you're thinking people that age can't use computers and other devices, that's NOT TRUE. She's been doing documents for her church from the very beginning of learning how to use a computer! She has an excellent desktop computer, an iPad Air 2, a Kindle Paperwhite and a new, fancy iPhone (much nicer than mine!). She's also got a Fitbit and one of those Flip cameras -- and her husband Jim has a good digital camera (he's the photographer in the family). Jim also has a good printer. Oh, and June has one of those, too, of course.

Her church is lucky that June is willing to do so many things on the computer for them, I think!

I did find a version of her document, anyway, which was current through December. So all she needs to do is add January and she's good to go.

I finally headed home. I was hungry, as I hadn't eaten since my curry noodles when I got up. I came home and had a bowl of cereal (I didn't feel like cooking). Then I was messing around here at home. I started to feel tired, and remember wrapping up in a throw and dozing off (I'd been watching "The Middle" on TV). Marilyn called and woke me around 8:00 when she was heading home. (Two late nights in a row. Just sayin'...)

I don't know what Marilyn ended up eating for dinner! I decided to eat leftover spaghetti, so I made some garlic toast. We watched this week's current episode of "The Middle" (I missed the beginning), and some tennis (the Australian Open).

Then I looked a little at my own iPad. I caught up my email, which included some website stuff for work.

I finally just sat and read a book on Kindle, if you can believe that! But I had to share an online article with Marilyn (about Pope Benedict XVI) and I just kept bugging her while she was trying to read, poor thing! (I really need to quit doing that! She doesn't get much time to just sit and read...)

Both cats are here in the office with me, sound asleep. They kind of like the habit of coming with me when I blog. Henry almost never misses it, and Colin frequently comes along, too.

Henry has his own chair (a match to Marilyn's and my chairs). It sits in the corner, and he gets very upset if I pile things in it (which I rarely do). Colin's special spot is a pillow on the desk behind our computer desks (it was Grandpa Harry's desk, and them Mom's). We don't really use that desk as a desk -- it's got stuff on the surface, but we don't keep a chair under it. Actually, I'm awful about keeping too much stuff on top. Plus Colin's pillow takes up a good third of the surface. That's okay -- we don't really need a traditional desk, anyway! It we're in here, we're always sitting at our computer desks, working on the computers...

I forgot to do something important on Sue's iPad, so hopefully I'll get a chance to fix that soon! Oh! And I FINALLY took over the box of wine glasses and bottles of wine that we had for Candy (heavy to carry!!!). And some other items for Sue (also heavy). It was about all I could do to carry that stuff today, after being sick yesterday. Still a bit punk today.

I just remembered that I never put my Fitbit back on again!!! Annoying. (I took it off early yesterday.)

Well, it's time for bed, so I guess I should end for today.

Sleep well!
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