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MLK Day! PLUS -- Grocery Shopping? Yes, Finally!!!

First, a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.:
"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear."

He was an amazing man. Thinking about him makes me want to re-read his book. And I could hardly pick which of his incredible quotes to share! He said so many important things during his life.

Well, Marilyn and I went to her dental appointment in the afternoon (she was getting her teeth cleaned). The good news is that he was pleased with her healing from her dental surgery.

Crazy moment while there? I had another low blood sugar incident! Weird. I have no idea how low, as I didn't have a meter with me. But I got through it okay, anyway.

We stopped for Taco Time food on the way home! (woo hoo)

Then late tonight we went to Freddies to do our huge list of grocery shopping -- FINALLY!!!

It was a pile of food. So many cans the bags were all super heavy! Plus paper products and water and on and on. Here's a humorous note! We get the toilet paper home and find a bunch of it in Marilyn's linen cabinet in the laundry room! I feel so stupid that I didn't see it down on the bottom shelf! Well, we're good for toilet paper for some time to come. The nice thing is that it's something you're always going to use up -- and it doesn't every spoil. Hahaha.

Today we decided that Sue should have my OLD iPad -- which used to be Marilyn's OLD iPad (the one the festival gave her back in 2011). It was just sitting around and not being used. In fact, it was completely dead from just sitting and not being charged.

You know what? It's a TON of work to set an iPad up for someone else! Sue needed a new iTunes account -- and that was a total bitch. I couldn't find the RIGHT download for our old Win XP computers. It has this automatic thing that supposedly tells you which download to use, but it was WRONG three times! I finally found it manually and got it to work...

And I needed to try and take a bunch of junk off that she wouldn't use or need. Plus add her email and so on. I think it's pretty much good to go now.

The advantage of this iPad over her Samsung tablet??? Marilyn and I just don't know enough about the Samsung to be any help to Sue on how to use it. Not so for the iPad, though! We both know a lot about iPads, so we should be able to help get her using it. And it's compatible with our tablets, as we both have iPads!

And why have it just sitting there not being used???

I'd like her to take my old Kindle, too. Yeah, it's really old and not that great, but it still WORKS. And I think she'd enjoy it if she gave it a try. Well, the cool thing is that she can always use the Kindle App for the iPad! I hadn't thought of that until right now! (woo hoo)

We need to head to bed (it's late), so that's it for today. We're watching the Australian Open tennis, but it's disappointing, so far. Rafa went out today! (sigh)

Can you believe that Glenn Frey died at 67??? Marilyn and I love his music -- and just thought he was so cool! I'll never forget him appearing on "Miami Vice" back in the 80's. What a loss. That's FOUR in 2016 so far!!! Shocking. Glenn will certainly be missed. I could list his songs, but I'm sure many of you already know his work. He had that Miami Vice sound, that's for sure! (Gosh, we loved that series!!!) Just feeling SAD about his passing...

Good night, all!
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