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Sad: Alan Rickman Dies -- Plus Thursday at the Office (Lots of IT)

We woke up to the news that Alan Rickman -- an actor we've always loved -- passed away at age 69. Way too young! Lost to cancer. David Bowie -- who also died recently of cancer -- was also only 69. And Rene Angelil -- the husband of Celine Dion -- died of cancer at age 73. Three cancer-related deaths! And all of these men were too young, too young... (sigh)

Anyway, I still felt pretty crummy this morning, but managed to go in to work -- and Marilyn, too! We both had very, very busy days (needless to say).

Carol bought me Starbucks today -- wasn't that nice of her???

I had TWO big wins today! I managed to get an Android phone on our Exchange email (!!!), which is something we've tried to do for years. (woo hoo)

Last year we had a computer that never COULD see the Ricoh printer (our color printer in the office). So the person using that computer had to go to others to get things to print in color. I'm happy to say that I did get that printer to show up and WORK on that computer! (woo hoo) Both of those things made me very, very happy.

I spent HOURS on the printer problem. All afternoon, actually! I'm not good with printers, so this was especially rewarding.

But there were a couple of big IT fails today, too! I was working on Katie's computer -- finishing the Profile procedure (which is lengthy). Suddenly that computer -- a brand new one -- was telling me it did NOT have Genuine Windows installed! Well, we just bought Windows 7 and Donn installed it, so I know that's not true. Anyway, I decided to leave it for Donn to fix when he gets back from China. So I asked Steven to pull Katie's old computer (from last year) and set it up for now at her current desk. We get it there and the machine won't boot! It's giving us all kinds of weird errors, like the hard drive has died. Again, this was something we left for Donn to deal with...

Anyway, the computer I 'stole' from another desk was the one I mentioned above that had printer issues. I just needed to put any working machine into place for Katie to use! It turns out this is a Win 7 computer, so that was good. But there were other issues with it last year -- it couldn't do a mail merge, for whatever reason! So hopefully we can RESOLVE these problems this year!

We got home around 6:30 tonight, and I decided to mend this pair of sweat pants Marilyn bought me in Seaside. After I'd worn them twice, I discovered a hole along the seam in the crotch. I wanted to wear them, so I got out the sewing basket (which is not a basket), found gray thread and proceeded to spend ages just threading a needle! Hahaha. I really can't see for stuff like this anymore! Then I fixed the one hole, checked it, pulled a loose thread and found another! I mended that (it took even longer to thread that needle), and found a third hole! Thankfully all of these were small, as it took me half an hour to do it all...

Marilyn was dozing on the sofa, and I went upstairs to try and figure out something for dinner. I decided on spaghetti, which is simple to make. I had enough rye bread left to make garlic bread to go with it. And I made a pot of coffee.

I pre-toasted the bread, then buttered it and added the garlic salt. I went to put it in the oven that I'd turned on to broil some time before and discovered the broiler is burnt out! Ah ha! There's the problem with the oven.

Marilyn woke up and heated up the leftover chili from last night for her dinner. (She's not fond of pasta that just doesn't sit well with her, so I knew she probably wouldn't eat it.) Anyway, I told her about the oven and she suggested I bake the toast.


I'm probably always going to make garlic toast that way from now on! It ends up very crisp. It takes longer, but there's no chance of burning it -- you just put a timer on and let it go! (350' for 15 minutes worked perfectly.) I'm anxious to try toasted cheese sands that way, too! Under the broiler I'm always at risk of burning the food -- and it's stressful! So why not bake, instead?

Yeah, we'll need a new element at some point, but for now this works great by me!!! Hahaha. Sometimes something negative turns into a positive, that's for sure! Lemonade from lemons, as they say.

I'm staying home tomorrow. Maybe I can get the Christmas tree down, at long last! (Or at least get started on taking it down.)

Katie and Katrina's Profiles aren't done -- but they're done enough for them to be able to work effectively. So it's all good.

Now I need to go get the recycling out (it's garbage night -- but only for recycling and composting), before bed.

Oh! Jeff is doing great with his Fitbit! Go, Jeff! And I got 5,824 steps today (mostly going up and down stairs!!!). Speaking of Jeff, he called me in his office and we had a great time talking about the movie "The Visit." We were laughing so hard! Hahaha.

Good night, all!
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