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Sore Throat, Swollen Glands -- Plus I Can Barely Eat...

I spent most of the day terribly nauseous. Even dry crackers bothered me. It's really hard to know WHY. I've been getting these bouts of nausea for years now -- long before becoming diabetic and being on diabetic meds. Metformin has the side effect of causing terrible nausea for many people who take it, so it could certainly be one of my issues. But I had this problem before starting Metformin.

All I could stand for most of the day was hot tea. I'm stuffed up and sneezing (a tiny cough, but nothing serious), have a sore throat and headache and feel very fatigued. Plus today I noticed that my glands on either side of my neck are really swollen.

Today I was so CHILLED all day long that I kept just huddling under a blanket and complaining that the house was cold.

Marilyn was home again today, still not feeling well, either. Which pretty much sucks, I kid you not. I started to say I did no cooking today, but late in the day I put on a pot of chili. Sometimes when we're sick both Marilyn and I find that the ONLY thing we can face eating is chili. So I made chili and at first it was really turning my stomach. But I was actually able to eat it, so we ended up with one hot meal today.

I did the usual research online with my symptoms. The result is either the common cold (who decided to call colds 'common'???), or the flu -- and they really don't make it all that clear how you tell which is which. You can run a fever with both and have body aches and chills with both, so that doesn't help much. Honestly, try googling the difference between the two and you'll find the symptoms are pretty much identical. They say the flu comes on 'suddenly' and the cold doesn't. Really? The flu CAN have stronger symptoms -- but might not.

There's that whole 'rush to the doctor' if you think you have the flu, because they've got those shots that will help -- IF YOU GET THERE SOON ENOUGH. This is the opportunity for them to go off on you getting a flu shot (the flu can be prevented -- a cold can't). Um, I had a flu shot last year, but it sure as hell did NOT keep me from getting the flu and having it for more than a month! Enough said about that.

I did almost NOTHING today. Seriously. I finally forced myself to shower, wash my hair and sit down to dry it. I read a tiny bit, but my headache kept me from reading much. I watched TV. I talked to one of the new staff members briefly. I fell asleep sitting up in my chair more than once. I ate some dill pickles (good when you're nauseous).

I can't even think what else I did. It was about all I could do to shower, I'm not kidding.

We really need to go back to WORK tomorrow. Marilyn has an important meeting Friday that she needs to get ready for. And I really need to do those Profiles (which is what Katrina phoned about earlier).

Just thinking about getting up and going to work makes my head hurt. (sigh)

Well, time for bed! It's still pouring down rain, I guess. We were going to have a fire today, but I didn't feel like making one...

Hope all of you are staying well!
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