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Sick Again -- But Not Awful...

You know, I'd almost prefer to be really, really sick to just sort of sick. (sigh) I feel crummy and tired and have the signs of a cold, but I'm not really that bad, all in all. I mean, I could be far worse.

So I'm not staying down in bed (although I did sleep in and had a long nap in the middle of the day). Mostly I'm lying in my big chair with a blanket over me and just vegging out, watching TV.

I didn't mention yesterday that Marilyn stayed home, as she wasn't feeling well, either. And she had a meeting today that Jeff took Leslie to, knowing that she might not make it. So she stayed home again today, as well. (She's asleep on the sofa as I type this.)

I did fix one hot meal today: Scrambled eggs and roast beef hash with toast and coffee. Not much, but it's better than just eating junk food...

Colin is still enjoying the tissue paper under the coffee table -- and the Christmas tree. Marilyn said he probably thinks he's going to have it forever. Poor guy, he'll be so disappointed when it comes down!

We really need to go shopping. We're almost out of TOILET PAPER (!!!), paper towels and various food items (like eggs, bacon, hominy and so on). But the good news for today was me finding a loaf of bread! At least we have bread. Hahaha. Seriously, who can live without toilet paper? We're not totally out at this point, but we're pretty close!

We did get cat food the last time we were out, thankfully, so that's cool. But we're out of jugs of cat water. We never give our cats tap water. There's just too many reasons to be slightly nervous about the quality of the water -- and bottled water doesn't cost that much. (With Henry's medical condition, we need to be very cautious.) Our Dad was a freak for watching the TV channel about the water (!!!), and he was always reading or seeing or hearing something about it. Years back when Marilyn got so sick she was in the hospital -- and they were pretty sure it was from the water she drank -- Dad made us promise to always drink bottled water. We swore we would, but there have been times we've broken that promise. All in all, however, we mostly stick to bottled water. Hopefully Dad is looking down and smiling that we do as he wished! Hahaha. (Dad's been dead since 1998 and we're STILL doing things he asked us to do. Clearly our parents are with us forever... smile...)

We got very bad news about a former festival employee today, who is in trouble with the law. I prefer not to go into the details, but we feel bad for this person -- and very upset about the nature of the crime. I'm praying about, which is really about all that can be done. (I invite your good thoughts and prayers for the person, should you feel so inclined.) And I'm not making judgements, because we don't really know all the details...

Another festival-related subject is apparently going to be covered by The Oregonian. I'll be interested to see what happens... More about that when I'm free to really discuss it.

One of my personal New Year's Resolutions is to keep the kitchen nicer. I actually started this before the New Year, but what the heck! It's not as easy for me as it sounds. I suppose most people keep up on washing their dirty dishes, but I have to admit we often end up with them in the sink (we have a double sink, so on one side of the sink). I try to always scrape and/or wash off these dishes to some degree, but they're dirty (no doubt about it). It really shouldn't be that big a thing to either hand wash them or load up the dishwasher, but when you're busy, tired or not feeling well, it sometimes seems like a big deal. (sigh) Anyway, I just cleaned up and did a load of dishes, which makes me feel better about the kitchen -- and better about myself!

I've thought about it a great deal. Things could always be better in our lives, if we weren't lazy. I don't mean to be judgmental here -- even about myself -- but I mean it more in a descriptive way. When I say 'lazy,' I mean if we only had endless amounts of time and energy and enthusiasm, then we'd always put things where they belong all the time. We'd always immediately clean up every single mess as it happened. We'd keep ourselves perfect, too (clean clothes, hair washed and dried and groomed, makeup on, nails done, etc.). We'd take out the garbage before it got full -- and empty wastebaskets more frequently. We'd have things so nicely arranged that everything could be put away easily and stored conveniently. BUT WHO THE HECK COULD DO ALL THOSE THINGS ALL THE TIME??????

So I try, as a rule, to cut myself a lot of slack. Actually, I probably cut myself too much slack, when you come right down to it! Hahaha. I'm looking at my desk, and wondering if I really need all these cute things to look at: Figure of Mary, figurine of Tinkerbell, my green White Christmas bell (I've had since I was a child), two Dalmatian puppies, a ceramic pig, a seagull resting on a cork, a star carved from sea glass, a tiny blue and gold globe, a picture of St. Jude, a glass rose, a small box with a crucifix on top (it was Aunt Dorothy's), a tiny jointed image of the Madonna and Christ (it was Mom's), a white cat with a tiny red apple, a rubber lizard AND ON AND ON AND ON. And that's JUST on my desk -- you should see all the other stuff in my office!

I'm so sentimental about things! It really doesn't make it easy, I'm telling you...

Changing the subject!

Marilyn and I watched "The Visit" today. Jeff had recommended it to us some time back. It's a 2015 horror film by M. Night Shyamalan -- and is creepy as all get-out (like all his stuff)! The story is that a woman is going to go on a cruise with a boyfriend, while her two teenage children visit their grandparents on their farm -- way out in the boonies. Because their mother has been estranged from her parents, the kids have never met their grandparents before. It's not one of those movies where you can't stand to look at the screen -- or that's terribly over-the-top bloody (no blood!). If you like a good scare, I highly recommend this film. It actually has humor mixed in with creepy stuff, but I won't say more. (The critics were mixed, but many were good.)

We're back to POURING RAIN (!!!) here. Marilyn might have forced herself to go to work, but she told me she just couldn't face the nasty weather when she felt crummy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't end up with flooding! We're used to rain in Portland, but I don't see why it has to be such torrents. It's so hard to live with. (Sorry to complain. I know it could be much worse!)

Well, I'm going back to my chair. And probably heading to bed soon.

I suspect we'll head back to work tomorrow...

By the way, I spoke to sister Sue today, who hasn't been feeling at all well. We're worried about her, poor thing. And I got a call from Denise giving me a message from Donn (work-related). And Marilyn spoke to Jeff several times, and Rich once, too.

Good thoughts and prayers for Sue are much appreciated, as well. Thanks!

I love you guys and hope you're having a good January, so far!
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