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Sunday Project: Up the Columbia River Gorge

We had TWO obligations for today.

Marilyn has been involved for the planning of The Historic Columbia River Highway Centennial in 2016. (I really encourage you to follow that link, which gives an outline of what will be happening.) Anyway, today the trial run of the 'parade' of vintage cars along the highway was happening, and we'd been invited to participate!

(Back in 2006, Marilyn and I got to ride in such a parade of vintage cars for the rededication of Vista House -- one of the stops for the drive today.)

We were LATE getting up (!!!) and really had to HURRY to get ready to leave! We were meeting up with the others in Troutdale at noon. We got there at ten past (a miracle!), and there was nobody around. Finally we decided to head out in our car to Vista House and try to catch the parade along the way. We got all the way there with no sign of the cars, which was odd. These cars can't drive very fast on the open road, so there was no way we should have missed them!

I'd been trying to phone the organizer on his cell since around 11:30 with no success. Finally Marilyn called his home phone and we found him there. He came over bluetooth into the car (Marilyn does hands-free phone calls, of course!), so we both got to talk to him. It turned out he had cancelled the trip! Marilyn had been looking for an email from him all morning long, as he'd promised to let everyone know by 9:00. But she never got his email, so off we went. Hahaha.

Edward had contacted the park ranger for Vista House and because of the high winds they'd closed the venue for the day! Vintage cars can't drive when the wind is bad. Their delicate and could blow apart, so as sad as he was to cancel, that was his only choice.

Let me tell you, it WAS really, really windy! I stayed in the car and Marilyn got out to take some photos and almost lost her hat! I swear she could have ended up knocked down by the wind.

Anyway, we decided to continue on to the next intended stop for today, which was Multnomah Falls. (If you followed the above link, this will be Rededication ceremony on June 7 of this year.) It was packed with people and had no place to park, so we didn't stop there. But we timed how long it took us to drive to both locations, just for the record.

Edward might try again for next weekend. We're planning to go to the beach house then, so we don't know if we'll be able to go along after all. If he does it on Saturday, we might stay home and go. We'll see how we feel then...

After that we drove up to Charburger Country in Hood River to have lunch. WOW WAS IT COLD THERE!!! It's a restaurant you pass whenever you drive up the Gorge, so we've been by it many, many times. We've only eaten there once before. It was PACKED with people! I had taken off my many layers and had to put my leather jacket back on, it was so cold! We had burgers and onion rings and some very good coffee before finally heading back to Portland.

We needed to get back for our SECOND event of the day, a memorial gathering for Margaret Ann Roseboro, better known by the nickname of Peg. She passed away on December 19 at the age of 91. She retired from her job in 1977, then moved to Portland to pursue a number of interests, including art. She became a float designer who worked with our friends Gene and Kendra (finally retiring in 1998). She actually designed one of Marilyn's very favorite floats!

We were due there at 3:30, so we were really rushing to get back in time. We planned to park at our office and then walk into Kells in downtown Portland where the event was being held. Let me tell you, that was quite a hike, as Kells is quite a few blocks away from our office.

We were a little late getting there, and unfortunately missed seeing Gene and Kendra who hadn't been able to stay long. But we got to see a bunch of Peg's art that was on display, including some of her amazing float designs. Then we met her daughter and one of her granddaughters and I gave them business cards so they could contact us. Marilyn wants to do something special to commemorate Peg this year during the festival, so she needs a family contact for help. They were really very friendly and kind to us.

After that we walked back to the office and finally drove home. We were pretty worn out after last night and today. Hahaha. It's little wonder we slept in late this morning, as we don't make a habit of being out until past 11:00 partying, as a rule.

We didn't do much else after we got home. We stopped on the way to pick up cat food (we were out). I need some groceries, but maybe my sister Sue and I can go shopping this week and pick up a few things... (We just didn't feel like it today.)

We did watch the Golden Globes on TV (what we hadn't missed before getting here). I think the show was pretty awful, over all, but we were pleased by several of the winners.

That was our day, for the most part.

Gosh, it's still been COLD!!! After the restaurant, we were glad to be in the car with our heated seats! We'd both been a bit chilled while there. And it seemed cold here at home, too! I finally turned up the heat, as we were huddling under our new long throws and still feeling cold. (Even with socks on my feet they still seem cold all the time... sigh...)

I didn't touch the Christmas tree, which might not come down until the end of the week at this rate. I do want to get it done before we head to the beach, though!

Well, I think we'll head to bed soon. I haven't decided about going to work tomorrow, yet. I really NEED TO GO IN, as I still haven't finished up the two Profiles I started last week! But I suppose I could do them on Tuesday. I think we'll see how I feel in the morning.

I didn't mention that I got CHEATED (smile) out of a ton of steps yesterday on my Fitbit. I had to take it off last night, because it just wouldn't work with the outfit I wore to the birthday party! Marilyn got more than 5,000 steps, so I felt bad about that... Oh well. Sometimes I just can't wear it.

Well, good night, all!
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