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Saturday: So TIRED. Social Obligation: Bday Party.

Just a quick entry -- I'm really TIRED and want to head to bed soon...

Did what was needed early on, then managed to get a NAP in before we had to go out. We left around 7:00 and were at the party until 11:00 p.m. We stopped on the way home to pick up some food (the catering at the party wasn't great, frankly). We've just eaten and are getting ready to head to bed soon.

Tonight was the 60th birthday party of a long-time friend. We had one hell of a time FINDING the location! We were near it at one point, but didn't realize it! It wasn't a club or pub or whatever -- it was actually some kind of gym! There was almost no way to tell you were there, in other words. The area was very dark. Anyway, after a TON of driving around in an area we don't know that well, we finally did find it. We were late, but it didn't matter. We were among the last to leave...

There was alcohol and soft drinks, a lot of food and a Dee Jay. There was music and dancing most of the time, so I came home trashed, I had sweated so hard. Hahaha. Marilyn and I only knew a few of the people there. At one point we were so confused from all the driving and so upset we couldn't find the location (even with GPS) that we nearly blew off the event. But we both knew we needed to make an appearance, so we hung in there until we found it.

We're going to be TIRED tomorrow! There were very few places to sit down, so we were on our feet almost the entire night -- and dancing a lot (almost everybody there was dancing).

We have an event at noon tomorrow, plus another event later in the day. So we do need to get to bed soon...

It's hard when you have a busy week AND a busy weekend! We always like to have one day on the weekend to simply rest and relax.

(Obviously I didn't even TOUCH the Christmas tree today. Plus we need to go shopping. I'm nearly out of cat food, among other things!)

Well, that's about it. Good night!
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