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Little Christmas, 2016

I just read a batch of my previous blog entries for January 6. Each year I say pretty much the same thing: This was my Grandma Elsie's birthday. This was the day our Mom died (in 2000). This is traditionally the day Grandma took down 'Christmas' -- and so did Mom. And so do I.

It's 16 years since Mom died. As I say every year, it's hard to believe it's been that long! In some ways I think I miss Mom MORE now than I did earlier on. Strange, isn't it? I don't feel a terrible loss, but I absolutely do miss her, very much. Of course, I 'talk' to her all the time. Her ashes are in our living room. And she gave her grandfather clock to Marilyn while she was still alive -- and we both believe the clock 'talks' to us. We always say Mom is talking when the clock chimes. (It hasn't chimed in any normal way for years and years, so it appears to chime at interesting moments...)

Anyway, I can never experience this day without thinking of Mom and Grandma and family and traditions. And it's always the official end of Christmas for Marilyn and me.

This year I had to work today -- and I also need to work tomorrow. So I'm not able to start taking down the tree and the decorations (inside and out). I may well need to wait until the weekend for that!

Speaking of the weekend, we now have some social obligations for this weekend, which include a landmark birthday for a friend, and a funeral for a special woman who was important to SCi (the festival's float building company -- which is owned and run by close friends).

Today was a very busy day at work! I had a new staff member to train: Katrina (the Seasonal Special Events Assistant, who will work with Marissa).

Plus her Profile hadn't been created, much less set up. (Profiles typically take 90 minutes to do.) So I was having to work on the Profile while I trained -- and that just doesn't cut it!

I was also working with Steven, who Marilyn asked to help me with IT (with Donn out of the country in China). I was having him set up Katie's new computer (one of the new pieces of equipment), which meant being sure that her dual monitors were working (among other things).

I also showed Steven some aspects of creating a new Profile and other work done on the Server. I'd love to teach him to do Profiles, as it seems like I rarely have time for doing them anymore. (Usually Donn would do these for me, but obviously he can't this year.)

I have a ton of IT-related things I need to tackle that I just didn't have time to get to today! Hopefully tomorrow. And Christine, Rich and I need to meet about the website!!! This is the month we do a hard push to really get a lot done. There's tons of work for all three of us...

I really need to update some items at our 'How To' website. I was looking there today and found that there are things there that are wrong.

I tried to set up Katrina's cell phone on the Exchange, but was having issues with that! I need Kris to work on it for me. (sigh) He and I talked briefly. And I should have emailed him (I said I would), but I ran out of time today. I guess I'll do it tomorrow...

Annoying moment: The printers aren't set up on the new computers. Normally that's part of doing Profiles. But I'm personally NOT good with printers (never have been), and do not like to try and add them. So I'm not looking forward to trying to get them added to Katie's computer tomorrow. (sigh)

Plus I'm not an expert at using Win 7, considering I don't personally have it on either my work or home computers! (I'm going to be getting it on my work computer this year, finally. But that hasn't happened, yet.) And some of these things are simply DIFFERENT with that OS. So while I have added printers with WinXP, I haven't with Win 7. I'm sure I can do it -- but I certainly hate needing to!

Steven needed hardware we did NOT have to set up the dual monitors on Katie's computer. He had to 'borrow' (steal?) a part from another computer (!!!). Anyway, he's ordered several more, which should come early next week...

Marilyn and I decided during the day to go to a lecture being held up the Columbia River Gorge -- in Hood River -- this evening. So we left work early at 5:00 p.m. (normal for many -- but NOT for us!), and started trying to drive up there. Getting out of downtown during rush hour is nearly impossible (one of the reasons we almost always leave late). We had to go way back toward home before we could finally head toward Hood River. The lecture was part of their Sense of Place series -- What the Sam Hill? The Life and Times of a Legend with Colleen Schafroth (at the Columbia Center for the Arts, in downtown Hood River, Oregon).

We know the way to Hood River with no trouble, even though it was pitch black darkness to drive. But the temperature was around 37' when we left the office, and continued to DROP as we got closer and closer to Hood River. There was some fog in the Gorge, too. And traces of wetness left over from the recent storms. We got to town and had a difficult time finding parking. Then the place was PACKED with people (!!!), with no room at all. So we gave up and headed back home again without attending.

We were disappointed, but it's not the first time we went for a lecture like this and couldn't stay for lack of room. Plus we would have been worrying about the weather the entire time, anyway! There was a lot of slush and ice on the roads in Hood River as it was...

Anyway, we got home just past 8:00 p.m. Then I got in and cooked dinner so we could eat.

And we watched some episodes of "Jeopardy" that we had on tape (we're still not caught up).

I kept falling asleep in the car driving there and back, no matter how hard I tried NOT to! Poor Marilyn. My one rule is to always stay awake so she's not driving 'alone' -- with no one to talk to her and help her to stay awake!

I'm still not feeling that great. And today was very tiring. There's always a lot to do when vacation ends, even when I don't have someone to train.

I need to get to bed soon. As I said, I need to Profile Katie's computer, train Katie, finish the Profile on Katrina's computer, find the information on printers and see if I can set up Katie's printers (fingers crossed), try to meet with Christina and Rich about the website and do a bunch of complicated 'odd jobs' that are IT-related. I hope I can work it all in tomorrow!

I'm really TIRED.

It's still COLD here.

Good night!
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