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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Snow Day -- Work Was Closed Today 
winter branch
Today ended up as a snow day after all. So Marilyn and I both went back to bed and slept late, which was delicious. Sometimes sleep is just a treasure!

We did drive out so I could pick up my hair product from my hair dresser, Kathy. The product is: one 'n only Argan Oil - derived from Moroccan Argan Trees - Curl Cream. (I just looked it up to get that link and they have an entire line of hair products.) I've been waiting for WEEKS to get this. I didn't have the product name, or I could have ordered it online ages ago -- but that's okay.

The reviews for it are amazing! I only had it on my hair that one time (right after my hair cut), but I remember being impressed. It sounds like these are products that can really help people with curly, frizzy, color-treated hair. I've been very unhappy with my hair recently. I think my hair suffers just like my skin does this time of year. (sigh)

What I didn't remember was the odor. I'll have to see if I can stand it, because right now I find it a bit too fragrant -- and I seem to be having a slight reaction to it. It would be a shame not to be able to use it because of the scent!

I totally FORGOT to take 'Christmas' to my salon, though. Annoying! I still have some late Christmas deliveries to make.

Marilyn and I also stopped at the store and got more Velveeta and Ro*Tel, plus more firewood and pressed logs.

We got Starbucks at the store, but both had reactions to it later on, I'm sorry to report. That's happened to us every now and then. Bad milk, detergent used for cleaning things, bad ice -- those are a few of the reasons it can happen. It won't keep us away from Starbucks (obviously it hasn't so far!), but it's annoying when it happens. Clearly this can happen anywhere you eat or drink away from home. And it can happen at home, for that matter! (I need to take some apple cider vinegar...)

Weather-wise, things have moderated here. So we'll be back to work tomorrow. But it's certainly still COLD, even so! It's amusing that the water and soda stored out in the garage seems as cold as the stuff in the fridge! Hahaha.

Parts of the area are freezing. Officially Portland is NOT, but we live closer to Vancouver than downtown -- and it is freezing in Vancouver. So we're still running our water. (Better safe than sorry!)

I started this entry more than two HOURS ago! But things have kept me from finishing. Mostly digestive issues. (sigh) Hopefully the pills I took and the apple cider vinegar will fix me up. Right now my stomach hurts and I feel a bit lousy.

Well, there's nothing much more to report. We were lazy, so we got McDonald's for dinner. And both watched a bunch of TV during the day and tonight. And that, my friends, is about all.

I imagine it will be quite busy at work tomorrow. I guess we'll see!

Good night!
January 6, 2016 (Wednesday) 03:50 pm (UTC)
Glad to get your blog and I am happy that you had the day off yesterday. Now back to work for you both today. I am ready to take Nicole to school and then going over to Candy's store and get a power ball ticket. That would sure be wonderful to win. Could help everyone we know. The sky over the river is a very bright pink this morning. It is very pretty. Hope you feel better and me too. I have not felt well for days.
January 7, 2016 (Thursday) 02:07 am (UTC)
Glad you didn't have to work in the snow!