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Winter Weather COMING!!! (Oh, NO!)

I'm just fighting a constant fever right now. I might need to see my nurse practitioner at some point, I guess. This is decidedly a flare-up -- but it hasn't shown up in any one joint as terrible pain, yet. That's a good thing, I guess. But there are twinges of pain in my right ankle, left big toe, right wrist and right hip. (sigh) So I'm waiting and watching for any full-fledged joint flare-up. So far, it's not happening...

But I feel crummy. I seemed a bit better today, but not great. Marilyn decided we wouldn't head down to the beach today. And we'd talked about maybe going down tomorrow and staying overnight, then coming back on Monday (we work on Tuesday). But the weather is supposed to be NASTY tomorrow! We're certainly NOT going to be driving in either snow or (shudder) freezing rain -- and we're slated for both according to the weather reports. I guess we'll see.

We did dash out to get a lottery ticket and Starbucks earlier. Then after we heard the report about tomorrow, we went to the store to pick up a few items late tonight -- just in case.

I phoned June and Jim and unfortunately woke them up! They'd gone to bed. But Marilyn and I were worried they might need something from the store, so we wanted to check, just in case.

We finished our Lilian Jackson Braun's 'The Cat Who' book that I've been reading out loud ("The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern"). And we've started a NEW one. Well, it's very OLD, but it's been so long since we read these (a couple of decades, at least) that I don't even remember what happened. So it's like reading them for the very first time. The fun is the characters (including the two cats!) and the settings. And she's a very good writer, too. Marilyn didn't want to go back to the very first book, which was before Yum-Yum joined the family. So we're now reading the third book, "The Cat Who Turned On and Off" (which was written back in 1968). Once we get past the first three books, we'll reach the novels written during the 1980's.

Marilyn and I baked a few cookies today. Nothing much, but it was fun, anyway.

And we made the Ro*Tel Queso Dip that they're always advertising on TV lately. People eat the dip and then CRASH through fences and fountains and so on, it's so good. To tell you the truth, it IS pretty darn good! We only did half of the ingredients they suggest (and we did Velveeta's microwave version, rather than Ro*Tel's stovetop version) yesterday, and didn't finish it. So we heated up the leftover dip tonight and had it with taco chips. So good!

This brings us to Velveeta. Marilyn, Sue and I were raised on this product. Mom used it to make TONS of foods. She almost never used actual cheese! We used Velveeta for toasted cheese sandwiches and to add to any number of recipes. The first time Marilyn and I had real cheese rather than Velveeta, we honestly did NOT care for it! Hahaha.

That reminds me. Mom also made a packaged pizza for us growing up. It was made by Chef Boyardee and came as a 'pizza kit' that Mom would 'create.' We ate it into our teenage years, seriously. I enjoyed reading THIS ARTICLE about it -- yes, they still make it! (There were others who grew up with this pizza, too. Hahaha.) It did NOT use real cheese, so the first time our Aunt Dorothy took Marilyn and me out for a real pizza, we were freaked out by the 'strings' of messy cheese!!! We thought it was nasty. Hahaha.

In recent decades we haven't even had Velveeta in the house. But growing up it was ALWAYS in the house! How could you LIVE without it??? We're cheese people, so we always have Tillamook cheese around now. But you know what? Velveeta sure makes a yummy dip! I'd honestly forgotten how tasty it is.

We had another fire tonight (a small one, but we had both a pressed log and a small stick of firewood). Nice on a cold night -- and tonight is very cold!

This was another day of TV watching and playing on our iPads.

And that was our Saturday! Sleep well, friends.
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