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First Day of 2016: Charlie is Sick (sigh)

Yeah, I spent the first day of the New Year not feeling at all well. I was feverish and nauseous and lying around much of the day. For most of the day all I could stand to eat was baby dill pickles...

In spite of not feeling well, I spent around 45 minutes (or so) outside 'fixing' the tarp in the back yard. Good God was it COLD out there! I had on two layers of pants, my warm fuzzy 'boot' slippers Marilyn bought me some time back, a heavy shirt, a heavy coat, a warm scarf, gloves and earmuffs. The earmuffs fell off almost immediately (sigh). And the gloves didn't seem to do much toward keeping my hands warm (they were hurting they were so cold!!!). But my FEET AND ANKLES were very, very warm! And wearing two layers on my legs really works for keeping my knees warm. (I don't need any more flare-ups with my knees, ankles or toes, that's for sure! Or my hips, for that matter...)

The WIND has been pretty high here -- and was BAD today! So the tarp had come loose on top, and ripped up the tent pegs all over the place, too! What a job getting it all back where it belonged, as the wind tried to whip it out of my clutches while I worked. Crazy.

Then I had to find a few things to 'weigh' it down. The one thing is apparently an old counter top from our kitchen! I found it in the garage, but don't recall having ever seen it before. Hahaha. We have cheap counters. I wonder where this small one had been in the kitchen??? It had been buried under our lounge chair cushion -- but we took that to the Goodwill yesterday.

I totally FORGOT to mention taking some things to the Goodwill yesterday. That's another tradition for us. We always try to make one last trip on the final day of the year (if we're here in Portland and not at the beach house). The lounge cushion was nearly new -- in wonderful condition! We gave the rest of the set that went on the chairs to Candy. We still have the umbrella (really nice), but Candy doesn't want it. We would have taken it to the Goodwill, too, but it's really big. I can't recall how we ever got the thing home here in the first place!

I might keep it. I've used these before to make 'shelters' for birds and animals when we end up with snow and/or freezing rain... That seems like a crazy reason to have it taking up space, though! (Don't hoard, Charlie!!!)

Later in the day I gathered the recycling -- today is garbage and recycling day (not REAL garbage day, though). I just got done a bit ago taking out all the garbage and the recycling and composting. Plus cleaning the cat boxes and taking that out. Gosh, was it COLD OUTSIDE tonight!!! Yikes.

I also did end up fixing dinner for Marilyn and meal -- the only real meal we ate all day. I cooked ham, white and golden hominy and green beans (Italian cut), which we ate with cottage cheese and sweet tea (we use Stevia to sweeten it). Really a lovely meal! We both had two helpings (we were hungry by then!).

And I threw a decorative log in the fireplace (rather than make a real fire). Those little pressed logs don't burn like a wood fire, but that's okay.

Anyway, I was proud that even though I was pretty MISERABLE on and off today, I was still able to get some things done around the house...

I did take a long nap at one point. I'd been reading out loud and was just too sleepy to keep going. We're pretty close to finishing the cat book we're reading, too. And I kept falling asleep sitting up. But during part of the day I was just lying around feeling lousy, while Marilyn snoozed on the sofa and I watch HGTV. They were playing a bunch of Tiny House shows. One of these, Tiny Luxury, features TinyHeirloom.Com -- a Portland, Oregon-based company that makes luxury Tiny Homes! I saw two episodes of that show today and really enjoyed it.

Obviously we did NOT drive down to the beach house today. (sigh) The best laid plans, I guess...

Sister Sue was NOT able to have the New Year's Eve party for her cribbage club last night. I can't believe the people running the office wouldn't have TOLD HER they were closing early so she could get the key. Sue had to call up everybody and cancel the party! And everybody had cooked or bought food, as it was a potluck. Sue's hoping they can freeze their food and just do it next week, instead. But what a pain!!! I'm sure everybody was disappointed... (But it was NOT Sue's fault! She's not a mind reader, after all!)

I sent a Happy New Year text to our friend Sue in Oklahoma last night -- and she texted us back. It's so odd to have her so far away...

Damn ants!!! They're in my bathroom like CRAZY right now! I finally did my damn pills (a task I really HATE doing) today. It takes AGES, because I take so many pills -- some at night and some in the morning. And I use a pill case that has AM and PM compartments. But the stupid thing does NOT seal air tight. And I haven't been able to find one that does. So I left it on the bathroom counter (BAD idea), and later found ants inside it! I can't just toss out the pills, so I have to go compartment by compartment and dump the pills on paper towels and see if there are ants inside. Ugh, ugh, UGH!!!

In one case an ant was ON my vitamin C -- which is large and fruit-flavored. I have plenty of those, so I took it out and set it on the counter, with the ant on it. I got rid of several ants and moved the 'cleaned out' pill case to a safe (non-ant-infested) spot. I know better than to ever leave it on the counter!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I came back in the bathroom later and found five ants clustered in the spot where the vitamin C pill had been sitting! Not sure where they're suddenly coming from. But I'm guessing they like the taste of those fruity pills! Hahaha.

The ant war is back on!!! (sigh)

On that note, good night all!
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