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Happy New Year!!! Goodbye, 2015 -- Welcome, 2016!

Yes, it's well past midnight -- but you guys already know how it goes! Hahaha. I needed to blog for the LAST day of 2015, so here goes...

This was a super-quiet day again. We did take a short drive down to Sauvie Island. And later we got food (take out) from the Burrito House (using one of our Christmas present gift certificates from Jeff). Then we picked up a few things from the store.

We wanted hominy. We needed kitty litter (for both home and the beach) and cat food. And I wanted to get FIREWOOD! We've really been enjoying these fires we've been having. So we got more decorative logs, a bundle of real wood and some fire starters.

And a bag of ice so we could make some 'festive' drinks later.

I really didn't feel all that great today. But I guess I'm lucky I'm not as sick as our friends Arthur and William have been! Arthur texted us today and they've both been ill, but especially Arthur, poor guy. They've been lying around and taking it easy (sound familiar?). It's not surprising that people here would go down sick. First we had the NEVER ENDING RAIN going on, and now it's bitterly cold. And it is the time of year when people get sick.

I was reading about this day LAST year, and frankly I'm just glad we're not as sick as we both were in 2014! Plus I got cold during our day trip to the beach (to see Arthur and William and their dogs, by the way!), then had a terrible flare-up and had to dash to the doctor! I'd forgotten that, but as Marilyn and I chatted about it, it all came back.

I just have a hard time NOT getting some flare-up when the weather is cold like this. Plus it's seasonal, somehow... Oh well. We struggle with health issues, but we hang in there pretty damn well, all things considered! But I have to say it has been lovely resting and relaxing during our vacation. That's for sure!!!

When we went out today we both wore gloves and scarves. And Marilyn had on her faux fur hat and I had on my earmuffs. We weren't taking any chances of getting chilled.

I think June needs to try and stay warm, too. I know how hard it can be on your joints when they get cold. And I worry about that knee of hers...

Talked VERY briefly with sister Sue. She was arranging the pot luck for her cribbage club and the people who manage the park had closed the office early -- without letting her know so she could get a key to the building they use! So she was understandably upset. But she never phoned us back, so I have no clue what happened. And she didn't call at (or near) midnight, either. Hopefully things worked out and she and everyone else had a good time.

Friends Mark and Adeena were texting back and forth with us. And, as I mentioned before, Arthur texted to let us know what was up and to wish us a Happy New Year. So it wasn't as if we didn't have others wishing us greetings, believe me.

Oh! And Jeff sent us a text, too. Very sweet of him. And June had called earlier in the day to check up on us, too -- which we both thought was very sweet. She wasn't planning to stay up, so we didn't call her at midnight.

We got out our 'New Year's Eve' box -- I shared photos back in 2010 in THIS ENTRY. Yes, I fetched 'Baby Bell' and 'White Christmas Bell,' too (Marilyn and I have had those since we were kids and they're very special to us -- we ALWAYS ring them on New Year's Eve).

I started a fire, then just before midnight we opened up the back door (the door leading to the back yard in the living room), to let 2015 depart. Yes, that's another tradition! (smile)

We put on 'Happy New Year' necklaces and party hats (those are all hats that have been around for years and years). Then we took our bells and some other noisemakers and listened to the countdown before heading out on the front porch.

At one point I went back in to get a horn to blow. I had my bell in one hand and a spinner in the other and I was holding the horn with my lips and laughing so hard I was almost choking! Both of us started to laugh and laugh as we snapped pictures to post at Instagram. Hahaha.

We did each have some eggnog to drink. And enjoyed our Mexican food, too. It was lovely, all in all. We're actually more used to spending New Year's Eve just the two of us (and the cats, Colin and Henry), than going anywhere else. So that's fine by us. But talking to friends at midnight has been a tradition. Texting is fine, of course! (And doesn't risk waking those who don't want to be awakened.)

Our plan is to drive down to the beach house tomorrow.

Marilyn and I did discuss it, and we were glad we'd spent Christmas and New Year's Eve here at the Portland house this year. It's so nicely decorated that we've enjoyed it a great deal.

My only regrets? Not getting 'Christmas' (our gifts) to the mailman, our friend and neighbor Gladys and to both my hair salon and dentist's office. Oh well. Late again! Hahaha. It's certainly NOT the first time. Oh!!! And I didn't get anything to Hector, either. (sigh) Well, I will! No worries...

Before I forget...

Every year I like to focus on how fortunate I am to have my wonderful LiveJournal Friends! Thank you all for continuing to make my world a happier place to be, everyone! You mean so much to me.
Happy New Year!!!

As we say 'goodbye' to 2015, I want to wish all of you good things in 2016!!! (I hope it's a wonderful year.)

By the way, all good wishes from Marilyn, too!
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