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Helping June with iPhone and iPad -- Seeing: "The Danish Girl"

Marilyn and I just got home from going to the show -- so it's actually past midnight. Just so you know! (It's actually past 1:00 a.m. right now.)

As for today, this was yet another quiet day of sleeping late and lying around.

However, I did take the time to research the things I needed to know in order to help my friend and neighbor June. She got the new AMAZING new iPhone recently -- and when they set it up at the Verizon store, she didn't have the password with her. So the phone was set up with a different password than her iPad. That doesn't make sense, as you want your devices to be on the SAME ACCOUNT (for both the App store and and iTunes store), so you can share downloads. (No, that doesn't always work, but it frequently will.)

And her husband Jim got her the Fitbit ONE for Christmas -- and it needed to be set up. This is NOT the same one that Marilyn and I have (or that Adeena, Jeff, Rich and Arthur have) -- so I was concerned that it might be different setting it up.

Anyway, I did some research, then I phoned there. I spoke to Jim, and he was taking June to see the doctor at that point. Both Marilyn and I were GLAD, because we're very worried about the swelling in her legs and feet. We were seeing it as a possible sign of heart failure (we've been around that quite a bit). But this appears to be directly tied to June's issues with her kidneys. Anyway, she was worked in and saw a doctor who ran some tests. She's supposed to find out results soon.

He also gave her a steroid shot for the pain she's been having in her knee. (Been there.) Hopefully that will help her. It's hard to move around when you're in a ton of pain!

When June got home I went over there and we managed to take care of both things -- the password/account and setting up her Fitbit.

That Fitbit ONE seems pretty cool, really. It doesn't need to have batteries put in, as it has a rechargeable battery (you use a cable to connect it to a USB port). Also, it seemed to charge pretty quickly. One of the reasons June and Jim hadn't had any luck setting it up was that it was dead and needed charging.

I downloaded the App on her iPhone, then after charging it part way, we went through all the steps to get it working. It has some settings I'm not familiar with (it's fancier than mine!), but I think we did okay. She can certainly use it any time now. (She already has it on a chain to wear around her neck.)

June's other issue was on her computer. She wanted me to see the popup -- which was iTunes wanted to 'update.' Hell, iTunes ALWAYS seems to want to update!!! So annoying. Considering I don't see her actually using iTunes, there's really no reason for her to bother updating. Anyway, I want her to leave that to either Donn or me, just to be safe...

Speaking of Donn, he's in China now. He won't be back until the end of January. I'm already missing him.

Marilyn invited sister Sue to go to the show with us, but she said she wasn't feeling well. (We get it, as we haven't been feeling that great, either.) We were going to see "The Danish Girl," with Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander (and tonight was Tuesday night, which is the cheap night).

The movie was AMAZING. Beautifully filmed, it transported viewers into the time period. It appears to be controversial, dealing with the subject of sex reassignment surgery. It's the story of Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener (who are historical figures), but it's based on a fictional novelization of their lives (a best seller from 2000).

Marilyn and I both LOVED it -- and were really moved by the story and the way it was filmed. We highly recommend it. It's getting mixed reviews, which shows us that you just can't go by reviews much of the time. I wouldn't be surprised if both the leads were nominated for acting awards for this one.

We're planning to go to the office in the morning, as we didn't end up going there tonight. Or maybe Marilyn will go in and I'll stay home and get things ready for our trip to the beach.

We're either leaving tomorrow for the beach house, or going early on Thursday.

It was REALLY, REALLY COLD while we were out going to the show tonight! The car temperature read 31' at one point -- and we could see ice glittering on the streets! (We also felt an icy spot, but luckily got home okay.) The weather at the beach is warmer, thankfully.

I need to get our recycling ready and out (June and Jim are going to make sure it gets down on the curb), and gather some garbage. I should do laundry! I've fallen behind while GOOFING OFF during our vacation.

Happily I found a clean tee to wear to bed (over-sized tee shirts are my jammie tops) and clean shorts (which I wear as jammie bottoms). But I have a few that need washing... (Including both my long pants, which are nice when it's this COLD at night!)

Speaking of cold, the house dropped down to 62' last night -- that's the coldest it's been in the house this winter to date.

I could also stand to do a load of dishes and clean up the kitchen (again).

Anyway, time for bed!
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