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Snow Today -- PLUS Catching Up for Saturday (Dec. 26) and Sunday (Dec. 27)

Quick entry -- I've been fighting a small cold (hopefully it will stay small), and just haven't felt terrific the past two days. That's just FINE, by the way. I have nothing I need to do, so I can just stay in my jammies and cuddle with my nice throw and watch TV or read my paperback book (shocking to not be reading my Kindle right now, isn't it?), while drinking a hot mug of sweet tea.

There's really NOTHING much to report, aside from the fact that we got a dusting of snow today. There's still snow on the grass and it's cold. But we didn't get that much. Still, it was lovely while it was falling.

No fire today. I was too lazy to make one. Plus I'm down to the last decorative fireplace log.

I did bother to fix what was supposed to be our Christmas dinner, though! We had that wonderful Kentucky Legend ham, fried up. With Suddenly Salad and deviled eggs, served with tea. Very nice!

That's the first real meal we've had since the Chinese food on Christmas Eve. Other than that we've just snacked on things, but haven't cooked.

It's been nice to just STAY HOME and basically STAY DOWN for a couple of days. But I did force myself to put out some chow for the critters. And fresh nectar for the hummingbirds. Still haven't caught the mailman to give him his Christmas. Still need to go down to Glady's house. And have stuff for Kris and my dentist (and her assistants). And should drop some cookies at my hair salon. I did put out the cans for the neighbor who takes them (and some wine for Christmas).

As Marilyn pointed out, it was good we decided to wait to go to the beach -- because we couldn't get there right now, anyway, because of the snow in the mountains!

Say! Are any of you CSI Las Vegas fans? Marilyn and I had never seen the series finale back in September, so we watched the repeat tonight. Very enjoyable! Especially that they FINALLY got Gil and Sara together for the end. Marilyn and I found it amusing that these two 'sailed away' on his boat -- which was the ending for Revenge, too (Amanda and Jack sailing away). I was far happier with the end of CSI than Revenge, probably needless to say.

Sitting here sniffing. I think I'll go curl back up under my throw!
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