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Merry Christmas!

First off, for all my friends who celebrate:
Merry Christmas!

And Happy Holidays to everyone, whatever you believe in and celebrate during this special time of year.

(Yes, I know many of you don't celebrate Christmas -- so I hope all my talk about it isn't too off-putting. I certainly do not mean to offend. To each his own, of course!)

Marilyn and I slept in this morning, which was LOVELY. We were both worn out by the past several days, to be entirely honest!

Then we 'did Christmas' -- going up and opening some gifts under the tree. And having the boys (our cats Colin and Henry) open their cat socks! Colin had been patiently waiting under the tree, lying between the two socks. And they were both very engaged and excited and played and played with the items inside the socks. It was so sweet!

Then we finally pulled ourselves together to go for a ride. Marilyn had decided some time back that we would go hunting for SNOW on Christmas Day. So that's what we did! We started by getting Starbucks at Nicole's store (she was working there today). Then we drove up the Gorge.

By the way, I wouldn't have believed the TONS AND TONS of people who were at Multnomah Falls on Christmas! Seriously? The parking lot was full and the old highway was PACKED with cars! Good grief.

There was no sign of snow anywhere close by, but we did find it! Thankfully the roads were entirely clear of snow (perfectly safe to drive) -- but there was snow all around us at one point. And we did stop and take photos of us in the snow.

Then we turned around and headed back. We stopped at a gas station market to get snacks (and tipped the sweet young woman working there) -- and Marilyn let me stop to pee at another Starbucks. We managed to get home before dark (a good thing).

We had some snacks when we got back (we had TONS of food around here) and watched some TV.

I was falling asleep sitting up (yes, again), so I eventually went to lie down. To be perfectly honest, I was feeling a bit off today. Marilyn has been struggling with not feeling that well recently, too. Little wonder with her recent oral surgery and the medications (including antibiotics, which can make you so damn miserable!). I'm not sure what my own issue was, but I've sort of been fighting a cold. And I just felt weary today and not quite normal (whatever that is).

We only spoke briefly to sister Sue late in the day. And Mark texted us to send us Christmas greetings. But today wasn't really a social day. Considering we've been very social this season, that was okay, I think.

Marilyn was just saying she had asthma today from the fire. I built another one when we got home from our drive. We've been having wood fires in the fireplace for days now, and the smoke bothers both of us -- which is one of the reasons we don't have them.

You know, when we bought this house (more than 20 years ago), one of our requirements was that the new house have a fireplace (our old one did). We were pretty delighted to get a house with TWO fireplaces (in the living room AND family room). And we used to use them frequently in the winter. But even when you use those decorative logs, you still get smoke. And when you have issues with allergies and asthma, fires aren't always such a great idea...

But in spite of that, we've both enjoyed them this Christmas! And they've looked fabulous! So cheerful and warm and pretty.

I was just rereading my blog for last year and discovered I stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG on Christmas Eve! That's not a huge surprise, considering Marilyn and I love staying up late when we're on vacation. But we've actually made an effort to get more sleep in 2015. And while it might not seem like a lot to most people, it's quite a difference for us, I think.

Well, garbage and recycling shifts for Christmas. So normally I'd be doing it Thursday night, but this week I do it tonight (Friday night). So I need to go finish up. I took out a bunch of food for our critters (I still need to refill the hummingbird feeder). And I've got the recycling gathered and out.

I need to put out more composting -- including Sue's leftover food from dinner last night. I found room for it in the fridge, but I don't really believe she'd want to eat it tomorrow, so I'm going to toss it tonight.

I have TONS OF GARBAGE in the house right now! So it should be some job to gather it all and get it outside. And it's REALLY COLD out today -- and colder tonight. (It's supposed to go to freezing or below tonight.) So I suppose I'd better get to it!

Again, whatever you celebrate, I hope you enjoyed today and will enjoy this weekend.

We're undecided about WHEN we're heading down to the beach house. We can't decide whether we want to be here for New Year's Eve or there. I'm fine with either way. I'd like to get together with Arthur and William HERE, but if that doesn't work out, it's okay.

I feel like I'm forgetting something. But it won't come to mind, so I guess I'll stop worrying about it. Hahaha.

Sleep well -- and have WONDERFUL dreams!
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