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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Christmas Eve!!! 
father christmas
Busy, busy day!

I woke up with terrible leg cramps again today. So bad I was almost screaming in pain at one point. (sigh) I use homeopathic medication to help and just have to walk and stretch it out (which I did).

I finally made us something to eat so that we ate around noon. We called it brunch, but it was easily lunch. We had bacon, hominy and green beans, with strong, hot tea.

I fell asleep sitting up in my chair upstairs in the living room. A knock and then the doorbell awakened me. It was Donn dropping by with presents for both Marilyn and me (wonderful boxes he made -- we love them).

Just after that, two neighbors came by with their gifts for us, Doug and then Barbara (and Doug brought over Rose and Ian's gifts).

I was quite out of it while Donn was here -- I had been deeply asleep! And still a bit confused when both Doug and then Barbara were there. (Doug and Janet live directly across the street, and Barbara, John and Jesse live across the street from June and Jim.)

So Marilyn and I needed to start getting our neighbor gifts ready for me to take out. Marilyn did MOST of the work this year!!! She had the gift bags and the contents and the nice tissue paper we'd bought -- and she put together each bag for each neighbor. I signed all the Christmas cards and gathered anything that we didn't have right in front of us.

This year we gave each neighbor a bottle of wine, a tin of cookies and a jar of candied jalapenos (plus some candy canes and jelly beans).

Marilyn had me start with Barbara across the street (not to be confused with Barbara and John). That visit took well over an hour, so Marilyn had to actually come after me to take me home.

We had set up earlier in the day to go to dinner with sister Sue and our neighbors and friends June and Jim -- for around 6:30 p.m. Every year we go out for Chinese food (or in the past we used to go get take out and bring it home to eat). That was our mother's tradition all our life.

Marilyn also figured out the gifts for our family members and friends, aside from our neighbors. She's done SO MUCH WORK for Christmas this year!!! (And has been so generous with her spending...)

After going to Barbara's (we were sad to hear she lost her beloved sister this past November), I then went to Doug and Janet's (they were gone), and Rose and Ian's -- where I got to visit with Rose and her brother. Poor Rose was in a terrible car accident (her car was totaled), but is thankfully okay! She had a bunch of Star Wars stuff around, so we talked about the movie. (smile)

Estelle came over to our house (everyone was napping at her house), and Marilyn and I visited with her. Then Marilyn dashed out to the liquor store. I took stuff to Barbara and John's house, but left it on the porch (they were gathered around the table and singing loudly in praise, so I didn't want to interrupt them by knocking).

I tried taking stuff over to Chuck and Linda's house, but the place was dark. So I left their stuff at June's house. I'd called to talk to June and she'd told me they might not be home and I could give the things to her.

June also told me that Jim couldn't go to dinner because he had an event at church tonight. I told her to tell Jim to join us if he could. And to come over as soon as she was ready.

Sister Sue was at the house waiting for us to get back there...

We four visited for a bit, then headed out to dinner. We really enjoyed our festive and friendly meal!!! Our server was very sweet with us. (Marilyn gave her a large tip. She always does that on holidays. We feel it's the right thing, as these people give up being at home with their family and/or friends in order to give us a pleasant experience.)

Then we came back home and visited more. Jim finally joined us, and I fixed him some snacks to eat (salmon and summer sausage, olives and crackers and dips). The poor guy hadn't had anything for dinner! (June had thought maybe the church would have food for him, but no go.)

We just had a delightful night! People stayed until 11:00, which was great by both of us! We talked and laughed. What a perfect time.

Actually, it was an excellent day! Marilyn wasn't able to get what she wanted at the liquor store (they were sold out), but that was okay.

Now we're watching Christmas mass at the Vatican on TV.

I hope all my friends are enjoying this day and will have a lovely Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate). Thank you ALL for your kindnesses this past year -- and for your friendship and support.

Marilyn and I are very happy. This has been an AMAZING year!!!

Only ONE MORE SLEEP until Christmas Day.
December 25, 2015 (Friday) 08:53 am (UTC)
What a busy,bfun time. I had a blast tonight!
December 25, 2015 (Friday) 05:37 pm (UTC)
Last night was so wonderful and I had a super time with all of you. Thank you so much for being the best sisters in the world. Love you both very much. I took Nicole to work and we are going to go to Larrys tonight for dinner. Should be fun and it will be nice to give the kids their gifts.
December 27, 2015 (Sunday) 05:20 pm (UTC)
Sorry about the cramps!
I'm glad the rest of the day was good!