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Update: Tuesday (Dec. 22) AND Wednesday (Dec. 23)

It's shocking to me that I didn't BLOG yesterday! (sigh) I guess it's because we were at Walmart when midnight rolled around...

CUTE MOMENT: Henry and Colin both came in the office with Marilyn and me just a bit ago. I was checking something online and messing with my email. And Marilyn was playing Zuma (which I also started doing). They were here to be with us -- but they often come in here to be with me WHILE I BLOG. Isn't that cute? It's part of their daily pattern, in other words. And right now when I am in here to blog, Henry has come BACK -- he's in 'his' chair in the corner of the room (directly behind me), where he's been grooming. Now he's settling down to nap, I think... I love it that Henry often is here for blogging.

Yeah, that was a total aside, but I just had to share!

TUESDAY (December 22):
Marilyn and I returned to Costco -- but the trip was a bust. They had sold out of what we wanted to purchase. And there were so many people behaving rudely that you couldn't get near samples. (Groups going from sample to sample and taking more than one item!) There were a lot of people the last two times we were here, too -- but everybody was polite with each other. Not so yesterday.

I finally 'finished' the Christmas tree yesterday. It was already really nice, but I had some ornaments that had been sitting around waiting to be added. So I just worked on it until I'd added the rest -- with Marilyn's help, of course. (No! It is not true that I did the tree alone! Marilyn helped with it a lot.) We both think this is our prettiest tree ever! We're very, very happy with it.

We were listening to iHeartRADIO yesterday -- I had put the App on both my iPads (the new and one of the old ones that I've still been using). We 'found' KING radio in Seattle that has classical Christmas music. So we listened to it a lot!

Around 11:00 p.m. (or so) we finally headed to Walmart. We needed to get cases of water, more Christmas presents and some other items. It was SHOCKING to walk down aisles and see them almost empty of items! We normally don't do shopping right before Christmas, so we hardly know what to expect, really.

We did get our favorite ham for Christmas! (Kentucky Legend is the brand.) That is such good ham!

We'd got the very LAST cat Christmas socks in the store -- which was only THREE. Isn't that SAD??? We normally buy quite a few, so we can give them to all of our close friends who have cats. We always get one for each of our cats (Colin and Henry). And we usually get socks for Sue, Candy and Nicole's cats -- but not this year. And we like to get a sock for June and Jim's cat and for Shari's cat. I think with only one extra sock that we'll probably give the sock to PooPurr. But it makes me feel BAD for all the other kitties... And they didn't have ANY individual Christmas-type toys you could buy (which they've had in past years).

We already picked up a couple of small toys and some catnip in a jar at one of the bazaars we went to, so we have a few things for our boys. When we got home and were bringing everything in, Colin went right over to the bag with the socks! I had to grab them, cover them up and take them into my bedroom to hide them! Their Christmas presents are a very big deal for our cats...

I'm trying to remember WHY it took us so long to get to bed after that. I was starting to pick up the living room and kitchen, knowing that Angel would be dropping by at 10:00 Wednesday morning to see us. We didn't get in bed until 4:00 (!!!). And I didn't sleep all that well. Oh well.

Wednesday (December 23):

Happy Birthday, Shari !

Marilyn and I both send out special greetings to our dear friend Shari, who turned 58 today (she's still a baby... smile...).

We got up around 8:30 this morning so we could get ready to have Angel come by. I finished picking up upstairs, while Marilyn vacuumed downstairs (!!!) -- which really needed it. Then she used the dust mop upstairs. And we both dashed around getting ourselves ready, too.

Angel arrived promptly (he's always an early person -- so he was actually outside waiting in the car until 10:00). He brought us a gift bottle of Coquito, which he makes himself! It's a Puerto Rican coconut milk-rum Christmas drink that he kindly gives us each year. Very yummy! Marilyn gave him our card and present (movie tickets). Then we visited for a couple of hours (he left around noon). We had strong tea and cookies and he played a wonderful Christmas story from the radio that made us both cry. He's a very dear friend.

While he was there, sister Sue called about us both riding along with her to pick up Abby (her granddaughter), who was coming to spend the day and stay overnight. The second Angel left I phoned her and she drove over to get us. But Marilyn had a stomachache, so I went with Sue and she stayed home. But she suggested I bring both Sue and Abby back to see our tree and house.

Sue and I chatted while driving to get Abby. Then Candy called us and we found out Tammy was upset that Sue was late! Sort of MY FAULT, plus the bad traffic we encountered.

We got there in time (Tammy had been planning to leave) to get Abby. She had on her darling Hello, Kitty dress and new black high heels (honest!). She looked so sweet! Then Sue needed to pick Nicole up from work at Starbucks, so we went to get her. Finally we went back to my house.

Nicole was tired from work (she's put in a lot of hours recently), but she did go down to the family room to see Colin. He just loves her to pieces -- and she's always been mad for him (since she was a little girl). Surprising moment: Colin went to Abby and let her pet him!!!

Immediately after they left, Marilyn and I headed over to her surgery follow-up (we were due at 3:00). The cool thing? We now know exactly where to go to park! And they took her right away. I was sitting fooling around with my phone and I guess I fell asleep sitting up! (I didn't go to bed until 4:00. Then didn't sleep that well. And was up by 8:30. Just sayin'...) Anyway, Marilyn was done quickly, then we left and headed to do more shopping...

She got a good report. He said everything looked fine. And he doesn't need to see her for another four months.

We headed to Riteaid to get gifts of cookies for the neighbors. We'll combine this with some other things, depending on the neighbor. We have special gifts for June and Jim. And wine for some of the people. Plus we're giving a lot of people those special jars of candied jalapenos we have for this year (the ones that Marilyn loves so much and we drove so far to buy!).

Then we went to the Dollar Tree to get bags to put these gifts into. They have a nice variety of all sizes -- and they're very pretty, too! And the price is certainly good.

Finally, we went to Safeway. We wanted some snacks for the evening (chips and dips and summer sausage to slice). I can't recall what all we ended up getting.

We got home and I started a fire. Then we finally phoned our dear friend Shari to talk to her on her birthday -- and offer her greetings on her special day. We both got to talk to her, which was very nice!

Soon Jeff arrived to see us. He had presents for each of us: Gift certificates for the Burrito House. (Very cute! They so rarely do these that they don't really know how to write them up! Hahaha.) And he also gave us both alcohol, too. (smile) We'd already given him his gift, which was a Fitbit. We had already agreed that the three of us would start hiking together in 2016, and we wanted him to start using a Fitbit, like we do. We even talked about some places we want to go and hike.

We had drinks and the chips and salsa and dips, plus some cookies. And a lovely visit. He might come down while we're at the beach after Christmas (we hope so).

I forgot to mention that we bought a NEW tree topper today. We didn't like our old one, so we got a really lovely angel!

Also, I forgot to take Angel downstairs to see our family room, but I did drag Jeff down there. He said very nice things about the house (and was enthusiastic about the family room).

We did talk work a little bit. Jeff got news today that Marilyn and I had been waiting to hear about, and it turned out bad, I'm afraid. And we discussed Sheila and IT matters and so on and made some plans... We had a nice visit and laughed a lot and generally enjoyed each others' company.

Anyway, that was our VERY BUSY (and very long) day!

I'm really TIRED now. Marilyn said we can 'sleep in' tomorrow, which would be nice!

Tomorrow I need to 'do the neighbors' (prepare our Christmas gifts, sign the cards and take stuff to each house) -- and this can take some time to finish up. Anyway, it would be good to sleep decently tonight! (grin)

They were playing "Miracle of the Bells" on TV tonight. The movie is based on a book that both Marilyn and I loved reading when we were young. The book was written by Russell Janney (April 14, 1884-July 14, 1963) who was both a theatrical producer and author. This was his first novel (written in 1946), which was a best seller. They made the movie in 2948, which featured Fred MacMurray, Alida Valli and Frank Sinatra (playing the role of the priest). We only got to see a small part of the film today, but we'd loved to watch it sometime again...

I highly recommend BOTH the book and the movie, by the way. Very inspirational stuff!

Oh! We got chicken pot pies at the Dollar Tree and had those for dinner (just before Jeff arrived). They were as delicious as I remembered them being from when we were kids, by the way! (grin) I think we'll get those again soon.

Good night, dear friends. Sleep very well. Happy Christmas Eve!!!!!!!!!
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