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Expecting 'Frightful' Weather (No, NOT Snow...)

Weather Alert: It looks like on top of all the TERRIBLE rain we've been having, we're now slate for a wind storm -- with possible power outages! Happy Holidays, huh?

We're supposed to go out tomorrow night (as I mentioned before). I guess it will depend a bit on the weather, though...

Marilyn is hanging in there quite nicely. Of course, she never complains, so it's hard to tell how much discomfort she's actually having. She's been sleeping quite a bit (for her, anyway). And generally took it easy today.

We didn't go out of the house today -- except when I went in the back to check the tarps. They probably need more work, but whatever. We're hanging in there so far. There was no dampness in Marilyn's bedroom or that downstairs closet, anyway.

We had hominy, green beans and bacon for brunch today. Nice. And hot dogs for a (VERY LATE) dinner. And we had our first eggnogs of the season! Yummy.

We've been playing with our iPads and watching a bunch of TV today. And I personally SLEPT a TON. That's really wonderful, by the way.

There's not much else to report for today, which was very quiet.

Tonight we watched "The Sound of Music" Sing-A-Long. Naturally we enjoy that very much. For those who might not know, this movie had a HUGE impact on our childhood. I was 13 when it came out (Marilyn was 11). We knew EVERY SINGLE SONG by heart -- including all the harmony. In fact, we created harmony for several songs. And we 'performed' the music constantly. We had every kid in our neighborhood playing 'Sound of Music' all the time (pretending to be the various characters), and signing the music. It's hard to convey what a big deal it was for us. And I guess on some level it still is! (smile)

I wonder if the 'kids' from the old neighborhood remember it fondly, too?

Well, that's it for tonight. We need to do our hair TONIGHT, considering we might lose power (which would mean no hairdryers -- hard for people with long hair).

Sleep well, all!
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