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Saturday: Marilyn Update

Marilyn couldn't sleep last night, so we were both up all night long. We were in the living room -- with Marilyn on the leather sofa and me in the big leather chair. The cats were with us most of the time, but they did disappear when they finally headed for some serious sleeping...

I finally went in to my bed, but didn't get in it. I just laid on top with a throw over me. I wanted to be able to get up to check on Marilyn and check on her bedroom.

In the BAD NEWS category, we had some dampness in her bedroom again yesterday. In the area of good news, it wasn't very much. I sprayed it and we put a heater on it (which is what I wanted to check on regularly), and we turned on the dehumidifier. There was no sign of wetness in the closet in that same corner, thankfully, so we caught it at a good point. But when Marilyn heard the weather forecast tonight, she got worried. We were due for rain all night long and tomorrow and VERY HEAVY rain on Monday. So we decided to run to the store and get more tarps (and other things) so we could work on that area again.

I re-did the main tarp out back some time ago -- and it's been very tight, with excellent results. But it's far from perfect, of course. The house has an overhang (thank GOD), and gutters that work pretty well. But the seal on the foundation in that area was broken years back, so it's always an issue when there's a great deal of rain. Often our issues are tied to not getting the gutters cleaned out and having rain pouring down from the gutters to the ground directly below. But tarping it helps -- if the tarp is on tight and won't be blown loose and so on.

This year everybody is worried about flooding, it seems. We've had whole cities flooded terribly in the Pacific Northwest this year. I don't mean to lump us in with people who are truly suffering. we know how blessed we are. But still, nobody wants to risk ruining their carpet. Or to worry about health issues related to mold in the house. And we're both sensitive due to lifelong allergies. Plus the carpet in that room is relatively new (2011) -- as is the mattress pad. Anyway...

We weren't sure what to get at the store. It's hard for me to figure out how to cover that area. It's not as easy to do as it sounds. The big air conditioner unit is right there. The spigot for the hose is there. Our oil tank is in that area and the egress for the tank is right there. Our window well for the basement windows into the family room are close by, and my bedroom window is in that corner. Plus it's not far from the huge windows of the living room. The perfect answer would be ONE BIG TARP that ran from under my bedroom windows over to the window well (buy NOT beyond the outside edge). But it would be hard to get exactly the correct size. And to avoid what needs to be uncovered. We don't want to block any windows. And we certainly do not want to get water down in the window well! We could make this whole thing much worse.

Well, when we got home it was pitch dark out. So I took flash lights outside and put them on a chair. But that didn't help much. So Marilyn did end up having to come out to help me (even though she shouldn't have). We got it better than before, but it still needs more work. We'll probably do more tomorrow at some point... But I'm hopeful what we did get done will help.

Meanwhile, the Christmas lights in the front have some issue. I guess the extension cord went belly up. And I tried a different one, but it didn't work, either. (sigh) So I moved the one string of lights. I don't like where they are, but what the hell. They aren't made that well (and didn't cost much), so we may end up needing to toss them out. We just wanted a touch of Christmas outside this year. At least the string of candy canes and the little gold tree are still fine.

I just got interrupted while blogging. Henry was sick in the living room! It sounded like something really wet splashing somewhere. He unfortunately threw up on the garland he and Colin have been in love with and playing with constantly. (sigh) What a mess. He felt pretty bad (he gets embarrassed whenever he makes a mess of any kind). But I held him until he calmed down.

There was talk of working this weekend, but I'm not sure about that. I'd suggested we go in Monday night (when everybody at work has gone home), but we have a dinner party to attend that night with our friend Mickie. And we still need manicures and pedicures.

Well, we're doing the best we can. I'm just NOT going to stress about it.

I do have to mention that Marilyn's oral surgery was for a FRONT TOOTH on top -- very prominent (which is why she can't just have an 'empty' spot while the work is being done). She certainly can't go for months without a tooth there. Also, she had an issue and had to have a bone graft there, in order to attach the post. I think this is the same tooth they had so much trouble doing a root canal on years back. It took THREE attempts by various doctors in order to finally get that work done.

Our family on both sides has bad dental history, so much of this is genetic. Marilyn's always been good about caring for her teeth since she was little, and brushes and flosses all the time.

Well, I need to say how much I'm LOVING my birthday present from Marilyn! Again, she got me an iPad Air 2 -- such a generous and thoughtful gift. I use it all the time. It really works well. I can use it for work and for fun, as well. Anyway, I'm not taking it for granted for a second. I feel very blessed to have it.

On that note, I need to do some chores before heading to bed. Good night, all!
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