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Friday: Marilyn's Oral Surgery

This morning we had to be up early. Sister Sue picked us up just past 7:00 for Marilyn's appointment. We had to drive over to the Lloyd Center area. We dropped Marilyn off, then Sue and I needed to figure out where to park. We drove around a bit, but eventually I suggested a parking garage that turned out to be perfect! It was actually inside the correct building. We didn't need to park very far from the elevators that took us directly to her floor.

That might sound simple enough, but the area around the building is torn up and parking is tough to locate. And Sue has a hard time walking very far. So I was pleased how it all worked out.

Then you need to know where you're going. I'd forgotten the name of her dentist (yeah, yeah, stupid, I get it), so a person in the building helped us reason it out. Then you punch the floor and it directs you to an elevator (there are NO buttons on the inside!). We reached the office and they'd already taken her back. So we settled in, expecting a long wait.

Amazingly enough, she was done in around exactly an hour!

We headed directly to the pharmacy to drop off her anti-nausea medication prescription -- but I didn't want to wait for them to fix it (it was going to take 20 minutes). Even though she was still numb, Marilyn was already in a lot of pain.

When we got home I gave her one of my anti-nausea pills, instead. Then she had something to eat -- they'd told her to eat with the pain meds. Finally she took half a pill for pain and settled on the upstairs (living room) sofa with her new blankie from Costco (so amazingly soft!). Eventually she had to take the second half pill. But she finally fell asleep and slept quite a bit.

She told me that they had to really POUND on her head -- and while they were doing it she wanted to ask if they thought the process was really a good idea. They have to also screw and screw the post into her mouth. I guess the bone graft must have taken well, because they did do this next step.

Marilyn's jawline and chin were very sore: I think that he must have gripped her while doing the work. I suspect she'll be bruised and really swollen tomorrow. I guess we'll see how that goes. As the day went by her pain seemed to ease a bit -- but she was on strong medication. She felt dizzy and sick part of the day. And we really should have gotten her a bunch of soft things to eat!!!

Her surgeon called late afternoon to check on her. I thought that was very nice!

She couldn't have hot liquids today. Nor could she rinse out her mouth. She starts doing that tomorrow, though. She's supposed to take it very easy for a few days. I think they have to stress that because people don't tend to think of oral surgery as being 'real' surgery! There's a serious impact to the entire body. And of course you don't want the surgery to fail because you don't follow your doctor's orders.

I texted with Adeena and Larry (our nephew). And later on with Steven and with Kris. It sounded like things were going well for the staff Christmas party. And Kris told me he had a great time on his recent trip to Chile.

Thanks to everyone for your good thoughts and prayers for Marilyn! She's doing fine so far. And will hopefully do even better tomorrow.

Marilyn's calling Colin Kitty her 'Christmas Cat,' because he clearly LOVES Christmas! He's been under the Christmas tree CONSTANTLY. Last night I was trying to get him to go sleep in one of his normal places, shooing him from under the tree. But he wasn't having any of that! He went back under the tree twice, so I finally gave up and let him stay.

And today he had this chain (it's like the old-fashioned red and green paper chain, except it's metallic paper) down on the floor and kept dragging it around and pouncing on it and playing with it! So cute! Then he was curled up in the middle of it at one point.

Have I mentioned that we decided back in October to try keeping our pumpkins and gourds into December? We thought we'd stick them out in the back yard and just enjoy them until they went bad and needed to be composted. Well, the big gourd showed up with a huge hole almost immediately! So we figured something was eating on it. For a time the hole got bigger, then nothing was happening with it, so I put it out in the compost one week. The next thing you know, other gourds (the small ones) just 'disappear' -- except for piles of seeds all over the yard!

Anyway, today I look out and see a squirrel with his head inside one of the small pumpkins, eating away! Marilyn and I snapped a bunch of photos of him eating. It's the last item left, except for the really big pumpkin. You can see teeth marks on the top of that, but it's pretty thick. I don't know if the guy will have much luck getting through the hide on that one! Anyway, it made Marilyn and me feel good to know squirrels were out there enjoying these goodies. We'll do it again next year, for sure.

I watched a bunch of TV and read and slept today -- and tried to keep an eye on Marilyn.

I had a lovely chat with my neighbor and friend June when she called to check on Marilyn. I need to get over and see her Christmas trees!

Yes, I did my work for the office today. I'd forgotten to make a change to the website, so I had to go in and do it. It really only took seconds, so it was no big deal...

By the way, I made up a bowl of Suddenly Salad (the Classic flavor) today. I don't remember WHEN Mom first discovered it (and couldn't seem to find out online when it was created), but I do clearly recall her making and serving it years and years ago. Marilyn and I loved it then -- and we loved it today, too! It takes about a total of twenty minutes to make it (you boil the pasta and dried peppers for around 15 minutes, stirring frequently). Anyway, we think it's delicious. But it might partly be nostalgia. In our minds, Mom came up with this salad! Hahaha. And it's like she's alive and fixing it for us to have bowls full of it right now...

Isn't it funny? Salad from a mix, but it seems totally homemade to us. It's far from fancy, but we love how it tastes. Well, neither one of us ever claimed to have fancy tastes to begin with...

I might pick up some tubes of cookie dough ready made to cut up and bake, just for the heck of it. We talked about the two cookies Mom used to make that we just loved. You really can't find any like our Mom's versions. The almond slices appear to be pretty rare. And a lot of people make ginger cookies, but we loved the way Mom made them!!!

Anyway, we're certainly enjoying the Christmas season this year. And so are our cats!

I hope Marilyn sleeps well tonight and feels better tomorrow. She wanted to go out shopping today, but she really wasn't up to it. Hopefully she'll feel like it tomorrow, as there are some things she wants.

And we're still thinking about going to the office this weekend, while nobody is there to get some work done.

I hope everyone had a good day -- and will have a lovely weekend. It's hard to believe Christmas is only a week away!!! Good night!
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