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IT Day (sigh) -- Star Wars Night (woo hoo)

Today was ANOTHER rough IT day for me. Only this time I was in the festival office. But I was dealing with corruption issues with my own Profile (ugh). And more CERTIFICATE issues, as well. I couldn't get on my computer. Then finally I could, but I couldn't get on the internet. Then I could, but I couldn't access the Server drives! On and on and on.

Marilyn needed access to the President's email. We create this account to use for official emails he sends out to the board -- but not for HIM to actually use. Marilyn would take something and post it as him, in other words.

Because he has his own email and needs to receive things there, I HIDE his 'official' email from showing up in the GAL (global address list). This means staff members won't accidentally send email to the wrong account...

But Marilyn had never been set up to have access to this account on her new machine! So first I have to 'un-hide' the account. Then it has to generate (which generally takes around 24 hours). Then we can set access and so on. Then I'll need to go back in and hide it again. All of this is complicated and time-consuming...

Marilyn was supposed to meet with Frank about his message. She'd thought it might go out today. Instead, we'll need to go in this weekend to send it out. (sigh)

The above are some of the IT issues from today. And I was on my feet a ton and up and down stairs a ton, as well... My legs and feet are killing me tonight.

Anyway, we were finally heading home, having not eaten (well, I ate something in the morning -- and Marilyn had some nuts, and that's ALL for the entire day). It's POURING down rain and very cold (well under 40'). We get home, bring stuff in the house and eat some cheese and green olives. Then we quickly head out to go across town to meet our nephew Larry and his son Levi to see the Star Wars movie!

It was such nasty driving -- and we were cutting it SO CLOSE -- that we were about to bag the whole thing and just not go. I'm SO VERY GLAD we didn't do that!

Larry had seats for us, thankfully! And we were able to get popcorn before the movie started. Levi is just the sweetest nine-year-old boy ever, by the way! He and his dad had their Build a Bear bears with them -- one was Darth Vader bear and the other was a Storm Trooper bear! Very cute!

Levi was very excited when he asked if we would be in town for Christmas and Marilyn said 'yes.' I'm not sure what he expects, but we clearly need to find a chance to see him again soon!

I won't spoil, but the movie was EXCELLENT. We all enjoyed it very much. Maybe more than we'd expected. (Everybody was nervous about what Disney would do with it.) We loved Finn and liked Rey and Poe (the new characters). I won't say any more, because you'll just have to see it for yourself.

Marilyn's oral surgery is early tomorrow morning, so we're off to bed!!!

I did get the compost and recycling out, in spite of the nasty weather. This rain is really pretty awful. I hope it's not pouring in the morning!

Good night!
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