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IT Issues? Yeah. They'll Drive Me Insane!

I stayed home from the office again today.

Weather-wise: It was COLD today. I never seemed to be able to get warm all day long! And I kept turning up the heat. It was a wet, rainy and COLD day. (brr)

I spent HOURS today on trying to resolve this issue with the CERTIFICATE that allows me to Remote from home to work. Then after working on it over and over again, I decided to just sign in via the OWA (Outlook Web App). Guess what? It kept telling me I had the wrong 'username or password.'

Hey, I think I know my USERNAME after all these years with the festival!!!!!!!!!!!

And, for that matter, I think I know my PASSWORD, too.

Normally if a password goes belly up for some reason I can go in to the Server and reset it. But obviously I can't Remote in right now! (sigh)

So I phone Christine and we start the tedious process of me trying to get her on the Server and into the correct place to reset my password.

Yes. I did speak to Kris when I discovered this. He was off work and on his way to wrestling. I asked him to phone me later. He didn't. Enough said.

I couldn't get her into the Server on her own computer, so I had her try it on my computer. She couldn't get logged in with my password, as it didn't work (duh). So I logged her in using the Server main Administrator username and password. From there we logged in to the actual Server. I showed her (over the phone) how to reset my password. Then I had her test it via Firefox on the web, using the OWA. She was in!

Me? I tried it on my desktop computer, first using Firefox and then using Internet Explorer. No go. Then I tried Marilyn's desktop computer. Nope. Then I tried my laptop, which uses Win 7 (both of our desktops are on WinXP). No go.

THEN I tried getting on using Safari on my brand new iPad. Nope.

Meanwhile, Christine logged out as the Administrator and in as me -- and the password worked on machine!

I really CANNOT face two weeks of vacation without being able to get in to my work email somehow to maintain it. I get too damn much SPAM on a daily basis. I'd be in the tens of thousands by the time I came back to work in January!!!

Kris told me several things. Microsoft had 'changed' things, so Firefox no longer worked for connecting. Christine was, however, able to use Firefox and the OWA to get in to my email. I couldn't use either Firefox or Internet Explorer to get in from my house...

He also told me that we had a self-signed CERTIFICATE. Mainly what this means is that there's no cost involved -- and the certificate has to be accepted at both ends to work. We should have gone to a digital version (public) LONG AGO -- and the cost would be worth it.

My time might be FREE as a volunteer (!!!), but there's still value there. And I've wasted an awful lot of time on this damn thing over the years. And certainly a TON this time around!!! I'm beyond annoyed about this.

Today was the first time I'd read about the self-signed certificate -- which I did hours before Kris mentioned it to me. I would have no reason to be aware of it, but he's known all along that we had the option to pay for a better version. If he'd mentioned it to me, we would have absolutely budgeted for this, without question. Marilyn, too, was firm about that when she and I discussed it (and she's the one actually in charge of the IT budget). She made that point that HER time is NOT free, and every time I talk to her about this we're wasting both time and money. True enough.

Well, hopefully I'll be able to reach Kris tomorrow and get the ball rolling on the other version of the certificate. This really needs to happen RIGHT AWAY. I'm beyond done with this crap.

Of course, none of this has to do with my Profile at work and not being able to use my existing password! I might need to set a new password to go forward. We've had some issues with resetting passwords in the past, so this password corruption isn't new. But why would it work in the office but not outside it? THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. I just don't have time to research it tonight...

It's late. I need to go wash my hair and head to bed.

Marilyn DID get the important Appeal about our Half Marathon to the City tonight before the deadline. I guess it was HUGE. The paperwork (which she wrote), plus accompanying supporting documents in a giant binder. Jillian worked her ass off to help Marilyn get it done. And Marilyn, Jeff and Steven walked it over to City Hall.

Hopefully they'll reconsider having rejected that event. There should be NO QUESTION that the Half Marathon was always a festival event -- and would NOT be a 'new' event for us in 2016. I guess we'll see what they have to say, once they read everything sent to them...

You know how people say: My work is never done. I swear that when we're talking about Marilyn, that's TRUE! Her work really is NEVER done.

She has ONE MORE DAY to get things wrapped up so she can go on vacation. The first part of said vacation will be to have SERIOUS ORAL SURGERY on Friday (which requires several days after that for recovery). Even with her being off for the end of the year, she can't possibly use up all of her accumulated vacation time (she's NEVER able to do that, by the way). But at least she'll have a chance for two relatively quiet weeks before our season starts in January!!!

She did get home 'early' today (meaning by 5:30 -- the time many people get home each day). I think I'm safe saying that this won't happen tomorrow...

Well, off to do my hair and GO TO BED. Sleep is a wonderful thing!

Early tonight I was so chilled that I finally broke down and soaked in a hot tub. That thawed out my poor frozen feet. (My feet actually hurt when they were in the hot water!) When my whole body was warmed by this soaking, I went in and curled up in bed and went straight off to sleep. I didn't wake up until well past midnight (now). I think Marilyn, too, had a good soak. She was planning to do so right after me (I left her my hot water). But to tell you the truth, I have NO CLUE if she did or didn't. I was too tired to stay awake long enough to know.

I've left off any non-work-related details for today. Sorry! Work pretty much was my focus all day long (and it was certainly true for Marilyn, too). At least Marilyn felt very satisfied with her day and the productiveness of her work. Not so for me!

When IT goes well, you can feel very good about it. It's just that so often IT goes sour. Then I feel pretty lousy about my abilities. I know it's NOT me, but still...

And now, dear friends, enjoy the coming weekend and sleep well tonight! I hope you're finding these days enjoyable -- whether you celebrate the holidays or not.
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