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Low Blood Sugar Worries...

If you read my blog entry for yesterday, you'll have noted that I had low blood sugar while at the store shopping. Later on I had yet another one! Marilyn and I were headed to bed around 1:30 when I realized I was shaky again. I used the meter and I was at 56!

After eating a bowl of ice cream, I used the meter again and was only up to 58! Usually taking in sugar will bounce you up pretty fast...

Anyway, I was using the meter over and over again. We finally went to bed quite late. I kept the meter by me and in the middle of the night I was really HIGH (well over 200). That was little wonder.

Morning rolled around and Marilyn suggested I stay home, which I quickly agreed to. So much for me signing the Christmas cards at the office today! Oh well.

I spent a bunch of time doing things around the house. I did several loads of dishes, including loads containing glasses, including the Christmas glasses we just bought. They were fine, by after washing they were just shining! And I found our old sets of Christmas glasses that we had way back when Mom and Dad were still alive. One set is stemware with winter trees etched on the side. The other set is drink glasses (short tumblers) with snowmen. Very colorful, using red, white, green and black. Marilyn said she remembered having many an eggnog with those glasses! (grin) Actually, I think we used to drink nogs out of both sets of glasses...

I picked up all over the house, especially in the living room. It was such a mess from decorating the tree and shopping and putting stuff all over the place. The many boxes we brought out with tree decos and Christmas decorations are back where they're stored. I'll bring them out again when it's time to put everything away. i found a few more boxes we hadn't taken out yet -- with some items that are important to us! So there are additional decorations in the living room and family room.

I also set up our Christmas village. It's not fancy, but we like it a lot. It's down in the family room.

I did some laundry and took out a bunch of garbage. I can't seem to remember everything I did!

I talked to Donn about IT. And Steven called me because Christie's Outlook was messed up and needed fixing. Donn and I also discussed the equipment for 2016. He's slated to get the check for that this coming Thursday so he can begin work on the first two computers.

I'm still trying to reason out WHY the damn certificate won't install on my home computer, allowing me to Remote to the office. I phoned and asked Kris about it, but I suspect I'll have to figure this out for myself. I need to spend more time on it...

Marilyn had a VERY BUSY DAY at the office! She's been working very hard on the current project. It's an appeal to the City. She needs to have it done tomorrow morning. She didn't get home until around 7:30 tonight.

We had green beans, little tacos and quinoa and brown rice for dinner, with black olives and dill pickles. I actually brought out the nice plates for a change. (We rarely use them...) The meal was delicious! Marilyn and I both love green beans and could pretty much eat them every day for dinner, by the way. Currently we enjoy the Italian cut version.

Oh! We watched "The Chase" tonight (part of the show, anyway). We just love 'The Beast' and always pull for him to beat the contestants. Hahaha.

I had a really nice man come by the house looking for donations today. His group is local and helps provide Christmas dinner to the homeless.

I added more decorations to the tree today. We still have more to go on, too.

Marilyn and I started watching "Star Wars" last night and finished watching it this evening. It's such a wonderful movie!

We have our tickets for Thursday night to go with our nephew Larry and his son Levi to see the new film! We're going to a theater that used to be a different theater way back when -- which was where we saw Star Wars movies with Larry when he was a kid! Fun. His son is so excited about going.

Well, I'm tired. Marilyn was washing her hair and doing some clothes for work. We'll probably head to bed soon...

Our cats continue to LOVE the two trees in the house! I think it's very sweet.

We got some new throws at Costco. Wow! Are they ever SOFT and comfy! And they're big enough to really cover us. We love them!

I just hunted up some photos of Marilyn dressed as Princess Leia for her to scan and share. (grin)

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! Sleep well.
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