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Errands, Shopping (for Christmas and Groceries)

Another busy day. We decided to put our manicure and pedicure off for now -- there just wasn't enough TIME today to work either one in. (The plan had been to do one now and the other later...)

We went BACK to Costco today (!!!) to get more Christmas gifts for Staff at the festival. And for Marilyn to get more reading glasses. She'd picked up a package yesterday and liked them enough to get more. She really can't have enough, as it's so easy to lose them... I got more paper plates and we got tissue paper and some various things. Anyway, it was another spendy trip!

We also went to Riteaid for some things, including meds for Marilyn. While we were there, I asked about my meds, which are SUPPOSED to be on auto refill. I was wondering WHY I hadn't been getting any notices. (sigh)

I did two loads of dishes today. And started to gather up garbage to take it out. There's more than normal because my Comcast agent left garbage behind. I found that odd, as I thought he would take it with him! But whatever. I guess it's worth some garbage, considering how much we're enjoying the changes to cable and the new Wifi!!!

Marilyn had to go to the office for a meeting in the afternoon. Annoying? Yes. She only has a few Marilyn Mondays left, after all. I don't like it when she has to work on her days off.

I did get over briefly to see my friends June and Jim. June wanted me to open my birthday present. She got me a stylus (I always need them), and a very cool Swiss Pull Chop device, made by Kuhn Rikon. I'm excited to give it a try. (I wanted to make some more homemade soup -- so when I do that, I'll try it on the celery and carrots.) Anyway, it was very kind of them to give me gifts, which I didn't expect. They are delightful friends and neighbors. More like family, really!

She got a new iPhone 6 Plus -- wow, is it BIG. I can really see the appeal of the larger phones (Donn has a larger phone, too). But in some ways I think it could be inconvenient to carry around. From the reviews I've read, the size is considered both a Pro and Con -- depending on whether or not you want a large phone! Interesting. Anyway, it looks like this phone doesn't have the issues related to the iPhone 6, which is a good thing. Supposedly the battery life is much better, for one thing. I'm happy for June to finally have a smart phone! And I'm happy for me that it will be easier to reach her when she's away from home.

Marilyn and I went grocery shopping at Freddies when she got home from work. We had a rather long list of things to buy. We needed new light bulbs -- those long ones -- for the laundry room. It's been SO DARK IN THERE since both lights went out! And we needed several food items, too.

Unfortunately, I had a low blood sugar incident while at the store. I was wolfing down a candy bar and then got a bottle of pop with real sugar! I hate doing that, but I feel so damn crappy that I just couldn't help myself. The candy didn't do it, so I went for the liquid sugar, too. Then I feel lousy from the huge bounce up! I was close to fainting at one point, if you can believe that. Very, very annoying!!! I had eaten, but apparently not enough. Some days it's just so hard to balance...

Thankfully Marilyn just kept on shopping away! I tried to help, but couldn't do that much. But I was better when we got home -- at least somewhat!

I added a few more decorations to our Christmas tree. And -- believe it or not -- I plan to add a few more, too. Hahaha. It's really looking pretty, that's for sure!

Marilyn and I have busy days tomorrow. We only have three days before we go on vacation for Christmas. Then we'll be off for two weeks. We're looking forward to a restful vacation. The summer vacation was anything BUT restful -- and we had to work during the week we take off for Thanksgiving.

We might stay here in Portland through Christmas Day. We haven't decided yet. If we do, then we'll probably head to the beach house on December 26. With two weeks off, we could easily spend a week here and a week there...

I talked to sister Sue a couple of times today. Larry and Levi are very excited about the movie on Thursday. I hope we can get tickets! Sue's going to see if Nicole wants to go. Both Nicole and Candy were home sick today -- sorry to hear that.

Today is Shari's Dad's birthday (he passed some time back). I wonder how old he would have been?

We'll be pretty swamped at the office this week. That's always true when we take time off!

I need to contact Donn tomorrow. I hope I remember!!!

Sheila has questions for me that I need to address tomorrow.

And I'll be signing Christmas cards until I get them done, too! (sigh)

Time for bed!!!!!!!!!! Sleep well, my friends!
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