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Toy Drive Day -- Plus TMI (Pooping!)

One of my major goals today? Finish training Sheila. She's been officially at work since Monday (!!!), so she needed to complete her training session. I was concerned, because neither Rosanna nor Shelley ever really did complete training. And our policy is that no one should be on a computer in our office unless they've done exactly that.

But this was TOY DRIVE day -- and things started at the office at 4:00 a.m.! I wanted to be there before 6:00, because I knew singing (the choir) was happening for the first time between 6:00 and 6:30 a.m. -- and I wanted to sing with them. I've done this in the past.

Marilyn and I BOTH were singing during the first choir segment! Very cool. And Marilyn had been slated to speak during one segment. But because of the extreme weather situation -- with terrible flooding everywhere -- our segments were being cut all over the place (and Marilyn got cut). Actually, Adeena -- who is our Living History Rosie -- was put into Marilyn's spot (Marilyn's decision). So she did make TV (and Marilyn did not). But both Marilyn and I WERE on TV. In fact, I didn't miss a single session of singing with the choir all morning long, which started at 6:00-ish and ended just past 9:00 a.m.

Part of the time I was just in place with the choir. Part of the time I stood beside Santa. And part of the time I stood with Don (the choir director). I just love to sing, so that's what mattered to me!

We got some AMAZING toy donations, which included some wonderful bikes and a man who every year brings us electronic devices. This year it was several RCA tablets. We all liked imagining kids opening those and be shocked by the quality of what they'd received!

Besides having the media there for hours, the place was full of our staff and various people slated to appear on TV, including the choir and Santa. The Crown Prince float was outside, decorated beautifully with lights for this event! We had giant snowflake lights up on the side of the building. And a tent set up just outside the door in case of rain (which we had on and off). And it was 'snowing' outside, with fake -- very real looking -- snow falling!

And people would bring toy donations into our parking lot (which was empty for exactly this reason).

Aside from the Toy Drive, I had festival website work to do. And a bunch of IT-related items, as well. I recall 10:00 a.m. quite well, as by then it felt like it should be mid-afternoon! It was a very LONG and tiring day. At one point I was upstairs at my desk typing away, and the next thing I knew I was nodding myself awake! I'd fallen asleep while working...

The local flooding in the Pacific Northwest was awful! Several cities and towns were under water! In one place a tree fell and cut a house in two, killing a woman inside instantly. Obviously the focus was on the weather, but we did still get a lot of the live segments, even so. News anywhere is always a blend of good and bad happenings...

I'm proud of the IT things I got done. AND I'm pleased with the website things I did, too! Plus I finally finished up with Sheila. We did 45 minutes in the morning, then I kind of forced the issue a couple of times in the afternoon. It wasn't easy, because as our brand new Business Manager (we've never had one before), she was SWAMPED! And I'm not kidding about that.

I was busy when Marilyn and some others went to Starbucks, but they brought back coffee for both Angel and me -- very nice! Later in the afternoon, Carol and I walked over to the Turkey Place and got lunch. Marilyn had been supposed to go somewhere else, but that fell through! Plus she managed to get a dentist appointment for 3:00! So she never had anything to eat ALL DAY LONG (except two baby Payday bars).

I was happy she had the dentist appointment, anyway. She'd been in enough pain in the morning that she phoned about it. She was worried she was facing another root canal -- plus needing treatment for an infection. The good news? Neither turned out to be true!!!

What else? Well, we had another session with TV starting around 4:30 p.m. and going until 7:00. It was a CRAZY-BUSY day all the way around.

In the VERY, VERY TMI category (sorry about this!), I've been constipated for days. So I had stomach pains much of the day. Not when I ate lunch, happily. But by evening I wasn't feeling very well...

Marilyn and I did leave by around 7:15 to head home. We stopped to get McDonald's (as Marilyn was starving by then!), then got home just in time to see "The Middle" on TV at 8:00 p.m. It was the Christmas episode of "The Middle" -- but it was a very sad episode. I was pretty disappointed by it...

Marilyn ate, watched the show and went downstairs (I imagine to nap). I stayed upstairs, using my bathroom and napping on my bed when not in the bathroom.

Now it's nearly midnight, and I'm blogging before heading to bed. What an exhausting day!!!

Marilyn has a very busy day tomorrow. And I'm staying home to get some things done around here. I need to to the garbage and recycling, clean up, put up our Christmas decorations and our Christmas tree.

I hope that maybe sister Sue can take me to the Goodwill (I have piles of things that need to go).

I was also planning to stay home Friday -- but our Christmas cards (there are hundreds of them) need to be signed by all the staff members so they can be mailed on Friday. I was just going to skip it, but Christine talked me into coming in to sign. (She's convinced that it's essential for both Marilyn and me to sign. That's probably NOT true in my case, but it's sweet of her to think so!)

Marilyn bought our tickets for The Nutcracker (we also attended last year, as mentioned HERE). Aisha and her father Brian (Carol's daughter and husband) are both appearing again. Christine also got tickets for her and Zander, so they're going to sit with us! Can't wait!

I had a great visit in the evening with both Carla and her husband Gary (who played Santa in the morning -- we had a different Santa in the evening). I have to MISS their Christmas event on Saturday, but Marilyn and Adeena are going to attend together.

I'm probably forgetting things, but I'm sure this is long enough for one day! Time to head for bed, as tomorrow is a busy day...
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