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Busy Tuesday: Visit to Pittock Mansion and Loads of IT (Plus Website)

Today was crazy, as is often true at the festival office...

I went in expecting to train Sheila -- especially in light of the fact that we were NOT expecting her to be at work yesterday, which she was. It turns out that Jeff was as surprised as I was -- apparently he discouraged her from working on Monday, but she just wanted to get in and do her job. It's hard to discourage that attitude!

Donn (and his wife Denise) came in quite early so he could work on the Sheila's Profile. And I was in meeting with Jeff when I heard everybody singing to Christine (for her birthday), so I went upstairs to join our very short Staff meeting. We were told we'd be leaving the building at 10:00 to head up.

I was actually dealing with IT from early morning on. We were still having issues with our Certificate. In fact, my own computer was frozen up! And I couldn't get my email to work at all!!! Annoying.

I sent a text and then called Kris. But we had to leave, so I was unable to give him the info he needed at that point.

Marilyn and I had Jeff and Adeena riding with us in our car. It was raining when we got there, and very blustery, as well!

Everybody was meeting in the outdoor area where we did the rose planting back for our Centennial year. It's covered, but with the wind blowing so hard, we were getting very wet! Our hostess gave quite a speech while we stood there, then finally took us inside. We saw the library, where our things were on display. Then we left our coats and went on a self-guided tour of the beautifully decorated Pittock Mansion.

By the way, Pittock Mansion has been nominated for USA Today 10 Best -- feel free to VOTE to get it into the TOP TEN (it's currently in the top twenty). You can vote once a day until voting ends.

Anyway, after that we did go to Starbucks. And I put off training Sheila until Wednesday, as she was so swamped all day long. She was meeting with Tanya. Then there was a budget meeting at 3:30 for the Management Team.

Donn and Denise really LOVED the Pittock trip -- and got their photos taken with Santa! Marilyn, Jeff, Adeena and I were the first to leave to get back to the office. Just after our entire group got back they had to CLOSE it because of a power outage!!! The issue with flooding and high winds was a big pain all day long, yet again.

The 'pool' near our office which is part of an old fountain was full and finally over flowing! I was in the basement over and over again to check for flooding. (sigh) We're expecting another couple of inches of rain tonight before morning, so hopefully we won't flood!

I had to deal with IT problems. Donn mentioned that Sheila didn't have access to the K: drive. I had no clue at first that he was talking about her -- so I told him to phone Kris and also mention that Jeff couldn't save to the Q: drive. But when I realized he met Sheila, I told him it was something that I could fix. Kris had NOT fixed it (though he'd said he had) -- so I did. It's something that currently only I know how to do. I need to teach it to Donn!

Later in the day I fixed Marilyn's IT issue with her phone and email. I might need to do that for everybody with their phones. I guess we'll see tomorrow!

I also had to make some changes to the website, which I did. More to do tomorrow, too.

I'm really looking forward to the TOY DRIVE tomorrow (Wednesday)!!! I'm planning to sing in the morning. I'll try to get Marilyn and some others to sing, as well.

If you're LOCAL, look for us on KPTV Channel 12 starting at 5:00 a.m. (There will also be coverage tomorrow night, but I don't know if any of us will be on TV then.)

Anyway, we need to HEAD TO BED early, as we should try to be at work before 6:00 a.m. So I'm skipping the rest of this entry so we can go to sleep! More tomorrow!!!
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