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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Stormy Weather: So Much Rain -- So Much Flooding! 
rain sidewalk
First, a weather update. We're having SERIOUS ISSUES here in Portland and the surrounding area, related to the heavy rains we've been getting. There's been flooding all over the place!

Thankfully, so far we haven't flooded. So far! I'm praying we won't. Hector was here this week and the good news was that there were no pine cones to deal with -- so the gutters didn't need to be done again. (Especially as that's an expensive job.)

I wanted to get out and check the tarp out back. Maybe tomorrow. But we have WORK tomorrow, so maybe not!

Marilyn and I stayed home most of the day. We had errands we needed and wanted to do, but the weather just didn't make us want to stray from our comfy house! So we stayed home, instead.

We did go down to the office for several hours late tonight. We got home just past midnight (so this is backdated for that reason).

I did get my hair colored today. I'm not crazy about it, but I guess it's fine. It's just so hard with my white hair. It doesn't cover well. So if I use a light color, I look BALD in spots (!!!). If I use a darker color, I end up two-toned. (sigh) But I need to let it go and live with it. I just do not want to go there to white (or gray) hair. So it's work and it's a pain. And that's how it goes! Hahaha.

I was looking at it in the bathroom mirror at the office and I thought it looked pretty damn good! So I guess it just depends on the lighting of where I am...

Issues at work? I left my Profile notes home in my briefcase! So I arranged for Donn to come in first thing tomorrow and do the Profile for me. (He reminded me when we talked that I didn't have the notes for Win 7 anyway...) He's coming in tomorrow anyway, so that's fine.

I did do the careful cut-around work on the official rose for 2016 -- which takes quite a bit of time! But it turned out GREAT (if I do say so myself!).

Can't think what else I'd planned to blog. Too tired to think straight. More tomorrow...
December 8, 2015 (Tuesday) 03:06 pm (UTC)
Yes this flooding and all of the rain is really bad. I sure hope it stops soon. I am waiting for Nicole to get up so I can take her to school. She got accepted at Oregon State, but I just do not know how we can afford to send her there. It is very expensive of course. Hope you do not get any flooding at your place.