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Bazaar at McMenamins: Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (in Hillsboro, Oregon)

Today Marilyn and I attended the 7th Annual Holiday Market at McMenamins: Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (located in Hillsboro, Oregon). Their website is HERE.

The parking lot was SO FULL that we ended up parking way over at Fred Meyer and crossing the road to walk back to the event! (After driving around and around in the parking lot with no success, that is.) There were just SLEWS of people attending. And little wonder! First off, like all McMenamins, it's just a WONDERFUL location, with beautifully restored old buildings. And they'd set up GIANT outdoor tents (well-heated) with clear portions to let in natural light. Really well done!

There were countless vendors with so many nice items for sale. And the decorating was fun, too. Christmas trees and giant wreaths and lights strung all over. Lots of outdoor fires (which smelled so good). Walking around and looking at everything was a delight.

After we were done looking at everything (and buying a few items), we decided to eat at the Imbrie Hall Pub (the restaurant there). We timed that PERFECTLY, getting seated right away, next to the Christmas tree! Tons and tons of people who came after us were stuck waiting for places to open up to eat.

The fun part? We both took a bunch of photos and I've managed to load them so I can share.

[click photos to view larger versions

Photo Dec 06, 2 21 32 PM
One of the many trees decorating the event (near vendors).

Photo Dec 06, 2 23 37 PM
Examples of items for sale.

Photo Dec 06, 2 23 18 PM
More items for sale.

Photo Dec 06, 2 20 03 PM
Me next to one of the giant wreaths.

Photo Dec 06, 2 19 29 PM
Marilyn standing by one of the cool items on the grounds!

Photo Dec 06, 2 18 19 PM
One of the many outdoor fire pits.

Photo Dec 06, 2 16 12 PM
An indoor old-fashioned furnace.

Photo Dec 06, 2 15 48 PM
More vendors and items for sale.

Photo Dec 06, 2 15 42 PM
The beautiful chandelier inside one building.

Photo Dec 06, 2 41 33 PM
Me by the Christmas tree at lunch.

Photo Dec 06, 3 01 12 PM
Marilyn by the Christmas tree (we swapped spots).

Photo Dec 06, 3 18 23 PM
We had some holiday cheer, of course!
I had the Three Rock Rum (tasted like whiskey).
Marilyn had a Coors Light.

Photo Dec 06, 3 09 28 PM (1)
The had a group singing carols to people in the pub!

Photo Dec 06, 3 40 43 PM
We ate burgers (not pictured), then had dessert!
I had my old favorite, bread pudding. They were out of whipped cream,
so I got it served with ice cream.

It's nothing short of a MIRACLE that I included these photos. I tried using the mobile App, but it CRASHED several times while I was trying to add pictures. (sigh) I was really excited about the improvements to the App, but this was a big fail in my book. So I had to use Dropbox to move photos from my (new) iPad to my computer -- just a huge pain. Plus LiveJournal's Scrapbook doesn't work for crap. It's highly annoying that it won't upload photos IN ORDER -- so you have to spend ages re-arranging everything you want to share. I've put 45 minutes into the photos alone for this entry! That's ridiculous! And it's also why I almost never share photos anymore. I'm sad about that, but come on. Who has 45 minutes to add to their blogging every day??? Not me!

Well, that ranting aside (hahaha), Marilyn and I had a really lovely time at this event! It would be pretty hard to go there and NOT be in the Christmas spirit.

We talked about going to the office after that, and simply decided NOT to. We do need to go to work before going in on Tuesday morning, so we're now planning to go down tomorrow night. It's nice to have the option to put it off like this, to tell you the truth. We both had a nice nap after we got home today. (smile)

I've been really screwing up my sleep since I got my new iPad, I have to tell you! I'm still setting things up and just playing with it almost constantly. I can't get over how FAST it is to use! It had been driving Marilyn NUTS for months watching me use the two older models I had. (Long story, but because they both had limited RAM, I'd keep some things on one and some on the other and just pack both of them around all the time.) Now as I mess with the old ones to make sure I have everything I want and need on the new one, I can really tell the difference!!! Talk about SLOW. Those poor old things really drag. (I suppose if I took all my photos off, emails, messages and so on, that they might speed up quite a bit. But they're maxed out, poor things!)

I must say that I certainly got a TON of use from both of those old iPads! I'm so glad the festival decided to buy them for us. That's what got us started using iPads, and we're both hooked. They're so convenient. Well, not for blogging! I'm constantly looking back at old blog entries I did with my iPad and finding mistakes I would NEVER make typing on a computer! And obviously I've gone back to putting up entries with my computer (most of the time), because it really works better than using a mobile device.

I have to say, that's pretty silly in this day and age! Everybody wants to use mobile devices rather than desktop and laptop computers. So LiveJournal really needs to spend more time fixing that damn App!!!

Well, we need to head to bed soon. There's a lot to do tomorrow.

What I'm I forgetting to share?

Oh! Marilyn had me go to Instagram to see what my friend Adeena had posted about me there for my birthday! I need to share what she wrote (maybe tomorrow), as it's just so sweet. I need to get back to using Instagram again. But I have a hard enough time checking Facebook some days! Hahaha. Thankfully I keep on blogging here at LJ.

Marilyn and I used to spend hours every day over at Yahoo Groups, back in the day! (And the two versions that preceded it.) Social Media can take up a ton of your free time, unless you control it. I actually feel I'm pretty good at balancing it versus the rest of my life...

Sleep well, my friends!
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