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Saturday. Memorial and Rest...

Marilyn and I slept in today. It was a long, busy week and we were tired.

Anyway, we went to the memorial for our friend Bruce's wife Karen. It was a very lovely affair! It was held in the upstairs of a Sports Bar (a really cool venue, actually). So we started out having a drink (they had a list of 'Karen's Drinks'), then viewed TONS AND TONS of photos of Karen. They had childhood photos and all through her life (she was Marilyn's age). And they had a scrapbook of her when she was a Junior Princess in 1964!

There was food, so we also ate. And two amazing sheet cakes, as well. Plus coffee.

The place was PACKED! We got a text from Jeff who thought he'd missed us -- we were at a table in the back, so he hadn't seen us. So he came and sat with us and we talked and talked. Jeff was pretty busy this weekend. He'd had a family event earlier in the day, and had a neighborhood party to attend tonight (he was headed for Costco when we three finally left).

Bruce was so pleased we'd come, so I'm glad we made a point to be there. We probably stayed between 90 minutes and two hours. I'd put this event at the top of the many, many memorials I've been to in my life. You know, there's probably no better way to remember somebody than to have a party to celebrate their life! Good call.

Bruce is having a hard time, of course. We told him to come by the office when he has a chance. He's taken a job out of state, so it's hard to say when he'll make it by.

Then we drove to the office. We picked up my gift from Rich and Merlin (and my card), which I'd forgotten to remind Marilyn to bring home -- even though Rich had told me to do so! They bought me a cool Christmas ornament of hippos at Wildlife Safari! Isn't that sweet?

But we were both tired and decided NOT to work today, so we came home. And we watched TV and were just lying around.

I found a really lovely message on the answering machine from my friend June for my birthday. (We hadn't seen that yesterday.) So sorry she's not feeling well!

Sister Sue came by to bring me her card and gift (which she'd forgotten to bring to dinner). She gave me a Starbucks card, which is always a good gift for me!

We gave her a bunch of Diet Pepsi to take home. Marilyn gets that as part of her work contract, believe it or not! She didn't get much last year, but we've now got piles in the garage for this fiscal year...

I've been playing around with my new iPad. I'm still moving stuff from the old one that didn't automatically move. And I want to move a bunch of stuff I have on the OTHER iPad, too.

My friend Shari mentioned playing jigsaw puzzles on her iPad, so I bought one for mine. The cool thing is that you can decide how many puzzle pieces you want to have! AND you can make any photo in your Camera Roll into a puzzle!!! How fun is that? Anyway, I'm really enjoying it so far.

For those interested, you can see Marilyn doing her TV interview yesterday HERE. I think she did a great job! And of course people keep telling us they saw her on TV. (grin)
We'll go to the office tomorrow to work (I think!).

There's also a bazaar we're considering going to in Hillsboro. That's a big 'maybe,' though.

I bought a 'string' of small candy cane lights the night we bought my iPad. So I finally pulled them apart (they were really twisted together!) and set them up out in the yard. I just wanted to have some little touch of Christmas that could light up our home... They look cute.

Getting ready to have a bowl of peppermint ice cream before bed. Yummy!

It wasn't an exciting day, but it was a nice Saturday! (smile)

Tomorrow is the second Sunday in Advent! How quickly time flies!
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