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My Birthday: Thankful!

Okay, I'm going to share about my MANY ISSUES with the new iPad here, even though I'm sure that will be both boring and annoying. But I figure someday I'll want to remember the details...

Before I do, however, I must mention: Marilyn was interviewed on radio and TV about the whole 'missing iPad' situation from last night! (She looked really GOOD on TV!) People were all over her Facebook post about it, and it just went wild from there!

So last night I'm spending ages trying to do this: Take my old iPad 2, back it up at iTunes and restore everything to the new iPad Air 2. In theory this is simple. In fact, not so much!

First, I have to (finally) update the ios on my iPad 2 (which I just resisted doing, as the last update caused so damn many issues!). Then I also have to update the ios on the new iPad (which has been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long). It took ALL NIGHT LONG to download the update. Then hours this morning to finish the installation. Oh brother.

I also updated iTunes, as in all my research I'd read that it would help the whole procedure...

Then guess what happened? Suddenly iTunes no longer reads the two updated devices!!! All that I can see out of all our MANY Apple devices is the one iPad that hasn't been updated. ONE! Where are the five iPods, two iPhones and four iPads???

I call for assistance and am told the iTunes I'm using won't read the current ios on a computer running WinXP. So, what the hell??? Am I supposed to go out and buy a new computer now? I made quite a stink, considering we have hundreds of dollars of purchases over the years from the iTunes store (music, music videos, television shows and movies).

Eventually poor Emma who I was speaking with tells me to use a computer with Win 7 (happily I have an old laptop that has it). She understands my upset, as she, too, is a PC and Apple user. She says once I put iTunes there and add our account info, it should take very little time to do the back up and restore -- and she was correct!

Restoring to the new iPad carried over all my photos -- but I needed to download all my Apps again! And some of those contained the information that had been there (BLESS YOU ADOBE PHOTOSHOP!), and some didn't (you let me down Leonardo!). I was SO GLAD 1Writer had the tons of documents (including RPs and fanfics) I'd saved there! I was able to save my game (Escape Rosecliff Island) -- but not my game scores. But I'm so glad to have the game that I don't care! (You can't buy it anymore.)

You can probably tell that I spent hours and hours messing with the setup of my new iPad.

Marilyn went to work VERY EARLY today. She had her first GFP meeting this morning (for 2016). And she had meetings all day long. She took a minute to go buy a couple of hard boiled eggs, then another minute to eat them -- and that's the only break and only food she had all day until dinner!


I got ecards, cards in the mail, emails, text messages, posts to my Facebook page (around 100 -- um, make that nearly 200!), private messages at Facebook and phone calls. And a couple of people even sang to me! Everyone was very kind.

The original plan for dinner was to try and invite June and Jim to join sister Sue, Marilyn, Adeena and me. It ended up being Sue, Marilyn and me (Marilyn kindly paid). Poor June was down sick (I didn't even get to talk to her). She went to the doctor this week and it didn't go well. (I worry about both June and Jim.) Anyway, the waitress at the restaurant was downright RUDE. I would think she could have tried to be pleasant, knowing it was my birthday dinner. But she gave us bad service and a lot of attitude.

Anyway, the food was good -- and Marilyn and I each had a margarita. (smile) AND I wore my new scarf from Charold and Rich. It's so soft and warm!

Jeff called this evening (just before we left for dinner) to talk to me and wish me a Happy Birthday. Very nice!

And I got this message from former Portland mayor, Sam Adams: I hope it is a great one for you: Happy Birthday, Charlie! (Hi to your Festival team, too.)

My friend Shari wrote: Happy birthday to the best friend I've ever had, except for Marilyn. (Isn't that sweet?)

Both Rich and Christine from the office called to sing to me! Isn't that cute? And my cousin Linda phoned, too.

My friend Mark went back and forth and back and forth with me via text all day long. He's such a sweetheart! We're going to try and see each other next week.

Many, many kind words were said to me all during the day. I'm very blessed by wonderful people who care about me.

That's my birthday for this year.

We're off to WORK tomorrow. And we have a memorial to attend, as well. (I don't think we'll have time for any bazaars...) I have a bunch of stuff to do and I know Marilyn is swamped, as always. I'm looking forward to catching up!

I'm still smiling over all the attention Marilyn got about the duct taped chunk of metal that replaced the iPad! I need to share the photo. It's just crazy. (For those of you at Facebook, you can check it out there.)

OH!!!!!!!!!! So when Marilyn and I are in the office, we discover an update for iTunes! It covers ios 9 (!!!) and works with WinXP!!!!!!! No, I can't make this stuff up! I plug in my new iPad and it reads it with no trouble! What do you know! I'm sure glad about that!

Time for bed!
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