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First Sunday of Advent -- Plus Saturday and Sunday

Yesterday we DID attend the Seaside Holiday Gift Fair, which is held annually at the Seaside Civic and Convention Center. And we bought several items, both yesterday and again today! These included placemats for year-round (in a nautical pattern) and a set for Christmas. We so enjoyed using our Thanksgiving set that Mom bought so many years ago that these were two easy-to-decide purchases (from two separate women). And we got a new throw for the living room in a wonderful beach pattern! Plus one that has a moose design that will be especially nice for Christmas. We already have it out on the chair behind the sofa and Colin is mad for it. (smile)

There was a necklace Marilyn really loved that I should have bought for her. I still haven't given her a birthday gift or 40th anniversary gift! Yes, I know I'm VERY LATE with both. We need to shop together, as one of the things she wants is pearl earrings. (I gave her some years ago, but they need to be replaced...)

Anyway, the QUALITY of everything at this fair was amazingly high! The best we've seen maybe EVER at any holiday bazaar -- and we've been to tons in our lives! We could have spent a great deal more with all the amazing items available...

Saturday night we went in and played Fascination, including a little bit of Coverall. We didn't win a single game, but we still had fun! And we got ice cream after that (well, sherbet) and then walked on the beach just a bit. It was pretty, but very cold!

Marilyn stayed up most of the night, as she had Davis Cup tennis to watch very early. For those who might not know, Andy helped GB win the Davis Cup, so it was very exciting. She finally went to bed in the early morning hours (I don't recall when). And we both slept in late.

Then we needed to go back to the Fair to pick up one of the items we'd purchased yesterday that the woman was finishing up for us. I ended up buying these beautiful wooden magnets that I'd looked at yesterday. I want Donn to see them, as I think they're items he could easily make! I love that they have really STRONG magnets -- and I look forward to using them!

Tomorrow morning we'll take photos of the Thanksgiving decorations before taking them down. Then we'll at least start putting up Christmas (and we might do it all). The main thing is, of course, to put up the tree -- and we'll watch "The House Without a Christmas Tree" while we do it, which is our tradition. We love that movie! I don't know WHY they don't play it every year. They certainly play a ton of really stupid and/or meaningless Christmas shows, that's for sure...

We did go to the show tonight to see "Victor Frankenstein," with Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy, Jessica Brown Findlay, Andrew Scott. All four of them were REALLY GOOD in this movie, which was beautifully shot. I'm not sure WHY the critics are so down on this movie! We both found it entertaining. And the acting is first rate. The time period is beautifully portrayed. Sometimes I just don't get it. What didn't they like??? Oh well. If you're into a good horror film, this is worth seeing.

Well, I figure we'll head to be soon. The weather has certainly been WONDERFUL while we've been here. Cold, yes, but dry, with blue skies. But it's supposed to start raining this week...

Today was the FIRST Sunday in Advent for 2015. They call it Stir-Up Sunday. Today the Mass prays: "Stir up Thy might, we beg Thee, and come." We begin our Advent journey to Christ's birthday, and the Church joins by prayer to beg Christ to come -- to hurry and do not delay. The tradition of many families is to actually create some recipe like a plum pudding, fruit or spice cake. The idea of everybody helping stir this is part of the fun! Then this food is held for eating on Christmas day. (Waiting is another Advent theme.) The actual recipe prepared isn't as important as sharing in the creation -- and making something everyone can enjoy. (So if you hate plum pudding, try something else!) I can't believe Advent is already here!

One of the things I looked for at the Fair was an Advent Calendar. I'd love to have one we could use year in and out. I've even thought about making my own -- but I'm not sure exactly what I want to make...

I know whenever we had these as kids we just loved them! I swear we used to have one years and years ago, but I've no clue what finally happened to it.

Anyway, Advent greetings to all who celebrate! Christmas isn't very far away now!

Oh! Did I mention Marilyn and I are thinking about doing Sing Your Own Messiah again this year? We haven't done it in years and years -- but we always loved it when we did participate.

We should go use our face masks again. (I wonder if we will?)

Good night, dear friends. Sleep well!!!
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