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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Heading to -- and Arriving at -- Our Beach House! 
thanksgiving pumpkin pie
We arrived SAFELY at our beach house! It's lovely to finally be here!

So, after the 'weather drama' of yesterday (that kept us from leaving on Tuesday), there was additional drama for this morning, too! So we decided last night that we'd wait until around noon to take off for the beach house.

But I didn't get up as early as planned. And then I needed to wash my hair, but I was putting it off. I watched "Quincy" with Marilyn (it plays from 11:00 to noon), so we knew we'd be heading out later than planned. (smile)

I had a clothes basket FULL of towels to bring down. We never do laundry here at the beach house. The washer and dryer are in a closet located on the second floor. We've heard more than one horror story about what happens if things go wrong -- flooding not only the area where these are, but also the area directly below! Plus water in the walls and floor/ceiling. Recently a neighbor told us about another neighbor who had this happen and what a disaster it was. We think the laundry should be out in the garage. There's a TON of room there, so it would be perfect -- and take it out of the main house in case of issues. Anyway, unless we move it there sometime, we'll continue to take our laundry home to Portland to do it...

I also had filled another laundry basket with food and containers I wanted here this time around. It makes it easier to carry and pack things. We needed some more food containers for leftovers and so on here. And I was 'borrowing' one casserole dish from home (with a lid -- a favorite of mine), plus bringing another down to stay (no lid, I'm afraid). And I had canned goods and packages of dressing and on and on. Plus we brought snacks and things along: Apples, eggnog, a small pumpkin pie, chips, dinner rolls, a loaf of bread and so on. My thought was that if we brought a bunch of food with us, we wouldn't have to go shopping today -- knowing the store would be just packed the day before Thanksgiving! (And we're both assuming the store will be closed tomorrow.) When you have only one store close by, everybody uses it, of course. (It's a Safeway. Freddies is half an hour away one way.) I'm glad I did that, because neither one of us felt like going out again after we got here.

Anyway, when we added all the other stuff we wanted to bring along, the car was STUFFED full! This is actually pretty common, especially as most of the back seat is taken up with our crates with our cats inside. Yeah, yeah. I do not travel light. Hahaha.

There was a LOT of traffic. We knew that would be true, especially as we ended up leaving close to 2:00 p.m. This is a day when a lot of people get off early from work, so some of the traffic was just people heading home, as opposed to holiday traffic. But we're sure some of it was people heading to holiday destinations, as well -- just like us.

Anyway, the drive was fine. There was a little bit of crying (not much at all) from the cats, but mostly they were quiet and seemed fine. There was no rain or other precipitation and it wasn't terribly cold.

But the house was certainly COLD when we got here! It was wonderful when it finally started to warm up. Henry planted himself in front of the fireplace -- and who could blame him?

I got a nice Thanksgiving text from our friends Rob and Jeff. Click THIS LINK to go and see a really cute JibJab greeting they made with me! And THIS LINK includes both Marilyn and me -- plus Rob, Jeff and Ken (the friend who brought all of us together years back). Seriously, take the tiny bit of time to view them! You'll be glad you did!

They also sent us a bunch of Christmas-related ones -- but I'll wait to share those later on! Hahaha.

We were just talking about Rob and Jeff and how we needed to get together with them! They're having dinner at Camp 18 -- and Marilyn's thinking we should go there and join them! I guess we could 'crash' their dinner. Or just see them while eating there...

We watched some vintage SNL Thanksgiving skits. Fun! And now Marilyn is sound asleep and I'm blogging before heading off to bed.

Missing Sister Sue -- but we understand why she couldn't make it down. And we hope Jeff has a good holiday with his family. He's considering coming down AFTER Thanksgiving, but I guess we'll see how that goes...

So it's just the two of us -- plus the cats, of course. But we're okay with that. We'll relax and have a lovely time. We did also invite June and Jim to come, but we understand why they prefer to stay home. (I hope they have a nice day!)

I guess that's pretty much it for today! Sleep well, friends.
November 26, 2015 (Thursday) 09:09 am (UTC)
So glad to read this and know you are there all safe and sound. Wish I could have come for one night, but it just would not have worked for me. When I pay you the money for my hair I will also give you the $20 you gave me for gas money. Glad the roads were all right for you. I just got back an hour ago from picking Nicole up at her boy friends to come home and it is freezing out side the windows were all frozen. Candy got all the food for our dinner after work today. Then both lamps in the living room and the porch light blew out and I am out of new bulbs will need to go to the store tomorrow and get some. Always something. Have fun and enjoy your beach house and the cats. Love you both.
November 27, 2015 (Friday) 03:32 am (UTC)
If you are worried about washing machine leaks, you can get a steel-reinforced hose. It won't burst and cause flooding like a rubber hose.


Or you can get a steel-reinforced hose with an auto-shutoff sensor built in. It won't burst and cause flooding, AND it will shut off the water flow if something breaks inside the machine and allows water to gush out.

December 6, 2015 (Sunday) 07:55 pm (UTC)
Glad you got there!