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Preparing For Our Beach Trip -- Plus: Amazing Turkey Sandwiches!

I am just SO HAPPY right now! I've mentioned recently about going to The Turkey Place downtown, and having their delicious turkey sandwiches on more than one occasion. And I've had it in my mind ever since that I wanted to be able to make these here at home. Guess what??? Score!!!

I don't know if the brand is nation wide or not (???), but we get Kentucky Legend ham at Walmart -- and it's the most delicious ham I've ever put in my mouth. Well, maybe Honeybaked Ham is better, but it's close! Anyway, Marilyn found Kentucky Legend TURKEY last night while we were shopping. I knew I wanted some turkey and I wanted it to be easy. This is pre-cooked turkey breast that's already sliced (just like the ham) -- but it doesn't have that yucky flavor that most turkey lunch meats has.

As for the sandwich:

We start with rye bread. We just love rye, and eat a lot of it. We like a light rye, but the rye used at The Turkey Place is pretty dark.

I made some Stovetop Stuffing (we like the cornbread flavor, but I think all the flavors are good). It takes around ten minutes from beginning to done (no, I'm not kidding).

We got a can of jellied cranberry to use on one side of the bread. And Best Foods sandwich spread on the other side. Add some of the Kentucky Legend turkey and put some of the dressing on top. Salt and pepper to taste.

Guys, this is so yummy! Remember that Marilyn and I have NEVER been 'turkey' people -- which is why we don't have turkey for Thanksgiving. Our personal traditions have been pretty much anything but turkey. What's amazing is how FAST you can make it. We were hungry, and I just tossed these together pretty quickly. Nice! I think they're also really filling.

I don't know -- maybe everybody makes their turkey sandwiches like this. I don't remember ever having dressing on one before those recent purchases, but I suppose other families might always do that. The same for the cranberry, by the way...

I just heard on the news that turkey costs are high this year -- the highest on record. Apparently due to a turkey flu (seriously?) earlier this year.

We also bought a hunk of ham, so we can fry that up (which is how we like it) and have it to eat at the beach, too...

Bad news! Interestingly enough, I talked to my friend June on the phone earlier, and she was worried about us driving down to the beach house in the morning. She'd heard there was a strong chance of wintry weather, that might include freezing rain or snow. Now Marilyn and I heard the same thing on the news. So we're thinking we should wait until Wednesday to go down. Jeff was planning to go down tomorrow, too, but was saying he might wait.

What I found online seemed to indicate that it would be bad weather in the mountains all day long Tuesday. (sigh) There's no way to get from Portland to the Oregon coast without going through the mountains...

Maybe we'll wait and check again in the morning...

I spent a lot of time on getting ready to go to the beach today. I needed to do the garbage and recycling (and composting). And I needed to do laundry. I have a bunch of stuff I want to take down, so I've been gathering it all day. I've packed up part of it and it's ready to go right out to the car. I still have more laundry to do, believe it or not. (Nothing like waiting until the last minute!)

We're watching Jimmy Kimmel -- the show is celebrating "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" tonight. Pretty exciting!!!

Earlier today Marilyn and I went to Starbucks (Sue's over on Hayden Island) to meet Adeena and sister Sue. Marilyn wanted to give all three of us our thank you notes from her. She wrote lovely messages inside! These are the cards she sent away for and had made with pictures on the front, inside and back. Very cool. Anyway, we all had a nice visit. Nicole was there working while we were there...

Donn contacted me to find out if he was getting a check this week, but due to everything going on that's not happening. I actually offered to loan him some cash, but he declined. I hate to see him have a difficult time. But there was just no way to run checks until next week...

We did do our shopping at Walmart last night (obviously). We got home around 3:00-ish and got to bed around 4:00. But we both LOVE going late at night. The drive is nice with no traffic. Parking is great. And shopping is so quiet and easy! There are hardly any other people in the store except for employees. We're actually spoiled by going late like that. When we have to go during normal hours we're a little bit shocked! Hahaha.

It's another cold day. And it was pouring down rain when I had to go in and out doing the garbage. (sigh) I needed to wash the clothes I was wearing anyway, so I just got out of my clothes and stuck them in the washer (putting on dry clothes).

I wonder what I'm forgetting to share? This is long, so maybe nothing! Hahaha.

Good night, everybody!
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