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Saturday: Low Blood Sugar at the Office

Marilyn and I are working away at the office. Today was a BEAUTIFUL, sunny day -- with bright blue skies! But cold!!! Still, heartbreakingly lovely!

So nice that Rick (the guy from the City of Portland) was willing to finish up his job in the bathroom tomorrow! He's done all the white tile, which looks fabulous! Marilyn was wondering if he hires out. Maybe we could get him to do some stuff we need done at our house! I think I'll leave him a note...

I just had a low blood sugar incident. You know, those things never feel good. It was 57, so that's pretty low (at least, it is for me). I went downstairs, chomping on the last little bit of my bag of Cheetos that Marilyn brought home to me last night. But I needed some sugar, so I went in the lunch room to check things out. I found a small bottle of Pepsi 'Real Sugar' pop. On the way back to Marilyn's office I ran into the corner of the one counter -- it's made of glass tiles. I managed to slice my elbow open, anyway. (sigh) Yeah, it hurts.

By the way, we had BOTH McDonald's and Starbucks today. Just sayin'...

I was feeling pretty crappy sitting drinking the pop in her office. But I managed to get back upstairs to my desk. I found some Raisinettes (the last of a box) in my desk drawer, so I quickly ate a bunch. My blood count has gone back up, so I'm better now. Marilyn said I was pale...

You know, I suppose it's a GOOD sign that I'm having low blood sugar. The goal is to lower my blood sugar, after all! But it's a really awful feeling. Shaky and dizzy and just blah. Then you generally spike when you're trying to bring it back up -- and that sucks, too. Oh well. I'm sorry to be whining. Anybody got some cheese I can add to my whine? Hahaha. What a big baby. I have friends dealing with cancer and shingles and I'm complaining? Get over it, Charlie!!!

The elbow seems to have stopped bleeding, so I imagine I'll survive. (grin)

Meanwhile, I'm back to one of my big tasks for today. I guess it's going to take FOREVER to do it. I knew that. I'd tried before and hadn't gotten very far. So here I go again. I need to copy everything on my current external hard drive to one of the Server drives. Then I want to also copy it back to a different external. It's a boatload of stuff. Gigs and gigs. I can't think of any way that will be faster...

I should also do a backup of the entire thing, for that matter, which allows for incremental additions over time. But I'll probably do that at home.

Fascinating, right? Not hardly! Hahaha. Well, like most of my entries, I'm not sure why it would ever interest another soul. My life seems pretty boring to me!

The current folder I'm copying has been going for around half an hour -- and has another hour to go! Really??? Actually, I think this is the single biggest folder on the device. So it could improve from here on out! Glancing down the list, I think there are a few other big folders, but they aren't HUGE like this one.

This is the most tedious task. So dull. But essential! So I need to just stick to it.

And that's my Saturday so far.

Marilyn is doing amazing stuff in her office! She works hard all week, then comes in and puts in yet another hard day. She's my hero, that's for sure.
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