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Good Day/Bad Day -- Happy/Sad

This was both a good and bad day, with happy and sad moments. I suppose many days are like that, when we think about it. In my world, I try to dwell on the positive, so I'd always count such a day as good, overall.

Anyway, sister Sue and I went together to the hairdresser, where Kathy was able to color her hair and cut mine. We were both really pleased by how we turned out! And I bought some peanut butter cookies they had for sale and got to share them with several people.

It was actually quite sweet! There was an elderly woman there, who offered to buy one cookie from me. She needed to eat something, so I asked if she was diabetic, and she was. So I told her I, too, was diabetic. And that I'd like to give her a cookie, which really pleased her.

An old friend of Sue -- and our Mom -- was there today. Sue said it might have been ten years since she'd last seen her! It's so fun to run into people that way.

I think Kathy may have done the best job ever coloring Sue's hair! It's just beautiful! I not only love the color, but she did a good job combing her out, too.

And I was very pleased by my cut. Plus Kathy confirmed that there's no way to really color white hair any better than I've been doing, so it made me feel better about it (as she's the professional, after all). She told me Marilyn's attitude was a good one and she agreed with it. So I'll live with it being lighter up on top and not let it bother me so much in the future.

Sue got a call from her daughter Candy during this, and it was upsetting. Anyway, Sue dropped me off and headed for home. I had already been doing some cleaning in the morning before my appointment, and I did some more after it.

I had some green beans for lunch...

Marilyn was VERY BUSY at work today, so we didn't get to talk much. But that's okay! I totally understand.

I went back to cleaning after eating, as I wanted to get some stuff done in both my bedroom and the family room.

In the afternoon my friend June phoned with GREAT news: Donn had found her missing diamond ring in his shop while he was cleaning up! We talked for some time about that, and her intention to get a smart phone for the first time. I told her to ask for Donn's opinion, because I think he can help her more than I can.

After I got off the phone with June (who was going to shower, then head to Donn's to get her ring), sister Sue phoned, VERY UPSET. I'm not going to go into details, but her daughter Candy had said some very upsetting things to her, so she asked if she could come to my house, and of course I said yes.

To really understand why Sue is so upset, you need to know that Candy left her husband when her daughter Nicole was three, and moved in to live with Sue. For several years Candy didn't have a job, so Sue totally provided for all of them. Later Sue had to declare bankruptcy (as many people do), and Candy went to work so they could manage between them to keep the house and pay the bills. They bicker about money, as most households do now and then. But the house belongs to Sue, and (again) Sue has done more than her share to provide for them over the years since Candy and Nicole moved in.

The upset today is over money, but is also a question of honesty and mutual respect. Sue was very shook up and very angry (she said she was 'furious') about this situation. I'm just hopeful they'll be able to make amends somehow. Sue and I had to go back to the house to get her cell phone, and Candy didn't really speak to me (she had a girlfriend there with her, playing cards). Sue got her phone and a book, but I couldn't get her to get nightclothes and plan to stay overnight.

She didn't want to end up leaving Nicole alone in the house with her mother (who also said upsetting things to Nicole).

Sue spent some time at our house (Nicole was out with her boyfriend, Byron). Then Nicole phoned for a ride and Sue left, just before Marilyn finally got home from her very long, tense and exhausting day of work. (Sue had hoped to see Marilyn, but it just didn't work out.)

While Sue was here, she phoned her son, Larry, and I got to speak to him. He was talking about his boy and the upcoming Star Wars movie. The two of them would like to go with Marilyn and me to see it. Larry has fond memories of all the many times we three went to Star Wars movies when he was a kid...

I haven't heard from Sue since then. Hopefully Candy has apologized and everyone is trying to get along and let this go. I'm praying for all of them. It's very messy, but families are often messy, after all. And we often hurt those who are closest to us, even when we don't mean to. (Yes, sometimes people are deliberately mean, but I'm hoping that's not what's going on here. I hope it's mostly just a misunderstanding and ignorance...)

I had a low blood sugar incident not long after getting off the phone with June, so I was very shaky and almost inhaling both a cookie and a small apple! I was soon better, but it really feels crappy when it's happening... I guess I was doing too much work with too little fuel.

Sue and I watched an old episode of "Jeopardy," as I wanted to see tonight's episode with Marilyn. She and I watched that while having dinner. We were so glad Matt Jackson won! But we liked all three of them.

Now I'm just worn out. It was a long, emotional day.

I'm happy about Sue's hair and my hair. I'm happy Sue is considering coming down to the beach house for a day next week. I'm happy we had such a good time at the beauty shop. I'm happy we're close enough that Sue trusts me to come here when something is bothering her.

I'm happy that Donn found June's ring! She said it was the 'best Christmas present ever,' and I think that's true! She really loves that ring. I'm happy that all the praying she and I did -- and our friends did, as well -- helped this outcome. I'm happy she wants to get a smart phone and that Donn is willing to advise her.

I'm happy things went well today for Marilyn at work and that the All Chairs meeting was successful.

I'm happy that I got a start on some more cleaning around the house, too.

I'm happy I got to talk to Nicole and to Larry -- and to Sue.

And it may sound silly, but I'm HAPPY Matt Jackson won on "Jeopardy"! I'd love to see him win the whole thing.

I'm sad about Candy. I'm sad about Sue and Nicole. I'm going to spend a lot of time tonight praying for all of them. If you feel inclined, I'd greatly appreciate your good thoughts (and prayers), as well. They really, really need them.

(Forgiveness is an important thing...)

I forgot to mention the other good news from today: Madyson got a job!!! She's going to be working at a Subway inside a Walmart. I really pray it goes well for her, as she very much needs a job. And it would make her feel so much better about herself.

I'm EXHAUSTED right now. High emotional situations can really take it out of me.

Tomorrow will be a very hard day at the office -- and very busy. So I'm heading for a nap (that I hope will turn into an early hour for bed).

The weather was lovely today early on. Blue skies! And no wind, thankfully. But later in the day it began to rain again -- and it's raining now. Oh well.
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