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Marilyn Monday: Manicures and Other Errands

In the good news category, my right ankle seems a bit better today. I won't count on that one until I've been at work facing that huge staircase tomorrow. (It was murder on Sunday when we were there!) But it was nice not to be dealing with as much pain today, anyway.

The weather today??? COLD!!! And rainy. Just raining all day long! And we were caught out in the rain several times while we were out and about. Just ugh.

Before we left the house, I actually colored my hair. But I didn't really have the hair color I wanted to use. So I wasn't expecting a very good result. Weird note: I used a shampoo/conditioner packet that came with one of my hair colors, and had a heck of a time rinsing it out! I spent 15 minutes just trying to do that!

I'm having an issue of some kind with my hair right now. It's frizzy and seems thin and just odd. Today it was VERY straight, and I'm usually naturally curly. Marilyn used her iron on my hair and it turned out nice, but really straight! Quite odd for me...

Not sure what's going on. Of course, it needs a cut pretty bad. Thankfully I have an appointment on Wednesday with Kathy...

We went to get gas for the car (pretty essential). Then to the post office to mail my insurance papers. Marilyn had to drop me because there was no place to park and I had to dash out into the pouring rain. Yuck. Then there was a line, and only one person clerking. Typical.

Then we went over to get our manicures, which we really needed. (It had been six weeks and two days since we last had them done!) You know, that's quite a bargain when you realize that most women get them done every two weeks...

Today instead of a glass of wine, I had a margarita. I realized the last time we were there that they also make some drinks to pick from, so I decided 'what the heck.' These are small, but still cool. (grin) Both Marilyn and I ended up getting deep gold-ish (brown-ish) colored nails, that glitter. Only slightly different, as it turns out! I really like them.

Anyway, I was picking based on Thanksgiving and my birthday -- figuring we'd probably go again before Christmas...

After that we went to Ulta so I could get my REAL hair color. I ended up getting slightly different colors in two versions -- plus some hair chalk to try, in plum. Can't wait for that! (I need to buy some hair spray, because you prep with it and then set with it, too.) It looks like fun to me! I've wanted to try it for ages.

We walked from our nail place to Ulta, and again it was POURING down rain!

After that we stopped to get McDonald's for dinner on the way home.

Then we watched "Jeopardy" (Tournament of Champions) while eating. It was so cold in the house that we turned the heat way up! Then we watched "Dancing With the Stars" (we've been excited about seeing Nick Carter on there). It looked like Nick might go off, but he didn't, happily!

We were going to have a 'nap' and then hot cocoa before going to bed, but went to sleep and didn't wake up until now (it's nearly two). Actually, I don't think Marilyn did wake up! Now the house is WAY TOO HOT to sleep! (We both like it cool during the night, so we normally turn the heat completely off.)

I just took my night time meds (!!!) and yanked out my contacts, which were glued to my eyeballs! Ouch! Now I need to brush my teeth and head to bed. We have a LONG week in front of us!

Marilyn wants me to see if I can get Donn to bring me home tomorrow, as she has a late night. He's in to work on the WiFi again tomorrow. And I have my meeting with the Auditor. (sigh)

And that was today. We were happy to get so many errands taken care of, that's for sure!!!

I went out back and took pictures of the gourd back there. We put our big pumpkin, gourds and small pumpkins all out in the back yard after Halloween. They look very pretty out there and you can see them through our living room window. But I noticed last week that there was a HOLE in the large gourd! Some critter is EATING it. I've never seen anything like that before! Hahaha. I wonder if it's a squirrel, or what? It looks like there's a very tiny bite in the big pumpkin, but nothing else has been touched...

Oh! Marilyn thinks that maybe Jeff wants to come down to the beach house next week. I'm going to try and find out tomorrow...

Time for bed!
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