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Cold Today! Sunday: Thanks, Donn! Update on the Stove

Very EXCITING news: Donn came out to the house today to work on our stove (I helped as much as I could). He took off the door (!!!) and checked out the inside and couldn't find any issues there. Donn pretty much suspected from the beginning that this might all have been due to a grease fire -- and nothing more serious than that.

Then he pulled out the stove. What a MESS! We never do this. And it's not easy. The stove has to be lifted a certain way in order to slide it forward. I cleaned up the mess on the floor, which included a huge pile of cat toys (!!!) and other debris. (Funny: There were tons of stray pills that had ended up there! Marilyn takes her pills on the counter next to the stove, so that's probably no surprise.) I guess it could have been a bigger mess, but yuck. I washed down the sides of the counters and the sides of the stove -- and the cobwebs and stuff on the back of the stove.

Donn checked out connections, etc. in back. And he got the important info about the stove (which is all kept on the back) by taking a photo with his cell (he's going to send me copies). Great place to put it, huh? It's not exactly EASY to get to it when you need it!

Then we 'tested' the stove by turning it on and leaving it for around 30-45 minutes, at 400 degrees. No problem at all! So Donn left, and we actually cooked in the oven for the first time in over a month. I baked some hot dogs and everything went just fine!

So I guess we could have used it all this time, when you come right down to it. Marilyn had wanted to just try it, but I was pretty nervous after that horrible NOISE and the FIRE that I heard and saw!!! It just made me feel safer to have somebody with some know-how check it out for us.

This is good news for the bottom line, as we now don't have to go out and buy a new stove. (woo hoo) And frankly, even though it's old, I like our stove! I'm used to how it cooks and am comfortable using it. So I'm very happy today.

Of course, there's an outside chance that it could still go out, I suppose. We'll keep an eye on it, just in case! But hopefully all is well. Man, you have to say that they really made these appliances to LAST way back when!!! That just doesn't seem to be as true anymore. The same thing with lamps and so on. (I've discussed all this before.) There's something to be said for having an older model.

I'm still suffering from my poor ankle. (It's actually BOTH my right ankle and right wrist -- but I don't have to walk on my wrist. Hahaha. So the ankle hurts more.) These flare-ups happen when it's cold. With my knee, it's easy to wear another layer of clothes and keep it really warm. But it's not as easy with my ankle, somehow. Most of my socks aren't long ones, so...

It was much, much colder today than yesterday! (brr)

Marilyn and I just got back (past midnight) from going down to the festival office to work. Talk about COLD!!! Her office was 64' when we got there. And I've got that huge unit that keeps the Server cold all the time, so it's very cold up by my space.

Anyway, we got our major tasks done. Email went down at one point while we were there (WTF???), but I fixed it. We could have worked longer, but decided to come home, instead. It's now just past 1:00 a.m.

We were watching the temperature in the car drop as we drove home. It was down to 39' before we finally got here. That's 20 degrees difference from last night!!! Yikes.

I still need to color my hair. And we need to get our manicures done. And go mail my insurance papers at the post office. I guess that will all happen tomorrow.

This is a VERY, VERY BUSY week coming up. Marilyn has something every single night!!!

Personally, I have my Auditor meeting on Tuesday, a hair appointment on Wednesday and the meeting with Fish about the website on Thursday. (Marilyn gets her hair done Thursday night.)

We're off the following week, which is why we need to get a lot done this coming week...

Good night, friends. Sleep well and be safe.
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