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Get Over Yourself, Unpleasant Person. It's Not all about You.

No, unpleasant person. I honestly do not post a lot of private posts where I spend time making bad comments about you.

No. It's not even close to all about you!

First off, you really aren't worth my time and trouble. (Believe it or not I have a busy life off line that doesn't give me that much time to spend here at LJ.)

Anyone who even begins to know me knows I rarely even think about others in a bad light. (Yes. Even you. Are you shocked?) Oh, and guess what? I really don't know you well enough to spend time saying terrible things about you.

So what are all those private posts in my LJ?

Many (many) of the most recent ones are me testing PSP tutorials. (For the record, I never post a tutorial to a community before I've tested it -- usually several times -- inside my own journal.) And often I forget to delete these, or even deliberately keep them. (As a sort of back-up.)

Then there are times when I'm away from my own computer and I'll tend to save various links inside LJ. (There's no point in bookmarking a link on a computer that isn't mine, after all.)

On other occasions I'll share a reminder with a fellow moderator inside a custom filter. The post is therefore moderator-oriented, meaning I don't think most people would be interested to read it.

I suppose there's something good about having volumes of free time to spend on line. And perhaps it's fun in some way I just don't get to repeatedly post snarky things about other people. Honestly, I really wouldn't know.

I'm actually too busy to think about it as a rule -- except when someone else brings it to my attention! (grin)

So get over yourself. I've honestly got better things to do with my time. (And I genuinely feel sorry for you if that's not the case in your life. I really do.)

My bottom line? I wish you well in your life. So why not get over me while you're at it? (Don't you have anything better to do?)

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