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Cleaning the Oven (Among Other Things) -- And Thursday at the Office (yesterday)

Marilyn and I BOTH feel terrible about the situation in Paris today. I've been praying about it for hours. And I listened to CNN for literally hours today, trying to understand exactly what did happen. Terrorism is EVIL. I feel strongly about that. I don't know what the answer is. Because violence just creates more violence...

Anyway, I don't want you to think that this wasn't very much on my mind today, because it was...

As for the more average side of life...

One of my main goals for today was to clean the oven on our stove or range. (I just looked this up. According to what I read, in America people called it oven, stove or range, meaning the entire appliance. Interesting! Especially in light of a discussion I had today...)

Anyway, I had two main things on my list: Clean the oven (in this case I mean the actual OVEN in the stove), and color my hair. I guess ONE out of two's not bad. (sigh)

Meanwhile, sister Sue was kind enough to take me to the store to get more white vinegar and CAT FOOD (you can't live without cat food!), as well as baking soda. The vinegar and baking soda were for cleaning the oven, by the way. On the way there Byron, Nicole's boyfriend, called us twice to tell us to pick up Nicole from school. So we went there first, then to Freddies.

I wanted both of them to take time to come in and see the living room and our Thanksgiving decorations, but that didn't happen. Nicole was too tired. She needed to get home and get a nap before working this evening at Starbucks.

I called Comcast today. I managed to MISS my appointment on Thursday! I just entirely spaced the date. Good thing, because I had two meetings at work (plus Donn was there) and simply could NOT have stayed home...

As for Thursday, the short version: I met with Christine (who had been out sick) about the website. I met with Steven after that about website changes for CityFair. I was supposed to meet with Marissa, but we ran out of time.

I also had Donn there and interacted with him quite a bit. He was working on the WiFi, which still needs more work. I also did a bunch of website work (adding Arts for All to the Ticket page, for one thing) and some IT things. And I went in to the back end of the phone system to remove Angel's forwarding from his office number to his cell phone (which took half an hour, believe it or not!).

After work was over, we all went over to the Laurelwood Public House on Sandy for Ashley's baby shower. Marilyn and I were more than an HOUR late -- and Jeff was even later than we were!

As I said, I missed Comcast coming to the house. That was for the best. Instead of getting one box replaced (for a fee), we're now getting all our boxes replaced FREE of charge. And we're adding Comcast internet, at long last. This is supposed to cost us quite a bit less even with internet, so we'll see if that's true or not...

That took ages. I've no clue why setting up installation appointments take so long! Originally he had the day before Thanksgiving available -- but we'll be at the beach house that day! Then he had my birthday, and I just didn't want to do that. So it's now set for December 8, 10:00 to noon for his arrival. According to Darris (who helped me today), the appointment can take SIX HOURS (!!!). But hopefully it won't take that long. We already have the boxes in all these spots, so it's not like they need to rewire us or anything...

Darris lives in Colorado and is originally from a small town in Oklahoma (where they have rose rocks!). Very nice and helpful guy.

After that, I started cleaning the poor old oven. It wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be, but it had some stains that must have been there for years. I don't remember ever cleaning it, but I think I did years back. Anyway, it came out pretty nice, if I do say so myself! Inside and out.

Donn thinks he can maybe replace the elements, if that's the issue. So perhaps we won't get a new range, after all. I guess we'll see!

I did the floors in the living room and kitchen. Well, gathered fur balls (cat fur, people hair and dust), then swept up carefully. I still need to mop the kitchen. And I suppose the living room floors could stand to be cleaned again (quite a job using the special wood cleaner). So far both rooms are looking really good, even without mopping/cleaning.

Actually, I'm tired, sore and a bit cranky tonight. Hahaha.

I'm trying to think what else I did, but I'm stumped right now. Let's just say both yesterday and today were VERY BUSY. I'm so TIRED tonight!

Marilyn had another killer day at work, too, with three very intense meetings. She said they went well, anyway. Then after work she went to "Spectre" again with a friend. She didn't get home until after 9:00.

I made dinner in the microwave (Hungry Man Mexican food). We're going to 'nap,' then have some ice cream in the middle of the night before really going to bed. Hahaha.

I did call and talk briefly to my friend June today. It was lovely to hear her voice!

Katie came in yesterday and is taking the job as Marilyn's assistant. (woo hoo) I can't wait for her to be able to be there full time. Apparently she's giving her current job a full month (plus) before starting...

Sleep safely and well, my dear friends! And stay warm. It's been SO COLD here lately! (brr)
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