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Looking at a New Christmas Tree...

So, one of the things Marilyn and I were doing today was looking at a NEW artificial Christmas tree for this year.

We keep seeing those commercials for Balsam Hill artificial trees on TV. They always look so awesome! Anyway, we've needed a new tree for some time now. We have our special 'white' Christmas tree for the beach house -- which is decorated in all the beach-y colors with the special ornaments. It's EXACTLY what we wanted for that house. (Interestingly enough, it was really cheap to buy! We'd seen a bunch of very expensive white trees, but none of them were exactly what we wanted. When we finally found it, it was so inexpensive you would hardly believe it! I think the tree without lights was under $25.)

There's a big SALE on the Balsam Hill trees right now (for a couple days, only). So we need to decide right away if we're getting one... Again, we're thinking about it, anyway!

We spent a QUIET 'Marilyn Monday' here at home and didn't go out for most of the day. And we took a long nap in the late afternoon/evening. Then we got up and went to get some tacos for dinner. We brought them home and dropped them off (without eating anything), then took off to go to the show.

Marilyn wants to keep using her ULTIMATE TICKET for "Spectre" (as mentioned HERE) on a regular basis. In this case we decided to just do what she wants to do much of the time: Go in and see part of the movie, then take off before the end. So we didn't ask anyone else to go along, because we've both seen it twice all the way through -- but other people would want to stay until the end. (We still want to go see it with both sister Sue and Adeena, for example. And Jeff wants to go with us, too. But that wouldn't work for an 'in and out' thing.)

We were home by around 11:30. Now I need to do a couple of chores before heading to bed, as we have a busy day in front of us tomorrow at work.

The website meeting that we postponed previously is now on for tomorrow. I want to meet with Marilyn one-on-one prior to that to show her some things she doesn't know about the website at this point...

I need to fill out my insurance papers tomorrow, too. I have TWO sets now. First, the one I called for -- which got SOAKED in the rain (!!!). And another set that arrived today (probably the one I would have received without calling them). I always fill these out quickly and get them back in...

I need to do some website work. Something for Carol (too complicated to try and explain to Christine), and working with Steven. (He's supposed to send all website things to Christine, Rich and me -- and cc: Marilyn. But he only sent this to Marilyn and me. Not sure if that was by intent or a mistake, to tell you the truth.)

I need to see what Rich did with SmugMug, too. I'm very FRUSTRATED with our SmugMug account right now!

I'm back wanting to organize and clean up around the house. (Visiting the houses of others actually helps inspire me, by the way.) We want our house to look nice enough that we don't feel bad having people visit us. We know we could try much harder.

Plus I'm still trying to weed out items around the place. We just have TOO MUCH STUFF. So I love trying to donate and toss out bunches of things as I go along... I really need to tackle clothing more!

Well, that's it for today, I think. Sweet dreams, dear friends! (Again, Happy Birthday, Frank! Hope you saw my special post for you.)
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