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Good Morning, LiveJournal! (Think: Good Morning, Vietnam!)

It's around 7:30 a.m. here. I've been up for ages, though. Made tunafish sandwiches and a pot of coffee and the usual morning routine...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is long off to an early-morning Duathlon meeting! She just keeps plugging away, come hell or high water.

It's Fat Tuesday, with Lent beginning tomorrow. As in several previous years, we're giving up all sweets for the duration.

We went to dinner with sister Sue this past Sunday at our fave Mexican food restaurant. She was sick twice during dinner, but I guess that's just something we'll need to get used to for the time being. (sigh) I felt bad for her. She really can't take in much food at all. But she's doing great with the weight loss -- more than 60 pounds since Thanksgiving. Her face shows it like crazy.

The Old Man and the Sea -- by Alexander Petrov
Old Man and the Sea - 1   Old Man and the Sea - 2
(More pictures under the cut.)

Last Thursday Night -- the Movies were AMAZING!!!Collapse )

I've been private posting so many tutorials to test them recently that I can hardly find anything! (grin) I was hunting for a certain recent entry that wasn't a test, and it was mind-boggling trying to find the one I had in mind.

I guess I'll have to tag the tests more carefully. As well as the entries I post that contain useful links, etc. (smile) What a mess!

I've been going back and tagging a bit at a time, trying to make things more orderly here, but it takes a lot of time. (And after all, I've only got so much of it!) Oh well. (sigh)

I think I need some breakfast now!

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