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James Bond Still Rocks! Or, BEST Bond Ever!

Marilyn and I are just back from seeing "Spectre -- which is (believe it or not!) the twenty-fourth Bond film. This movie features Daniel Craig in his fourth performance as Bond -- and he is, by far, my favorite of all the Bonds. No, I never thought I'd prefer anyone to Sean Connery, but I was wrong. He's just perfect as Bond.

I won't spoil for those who will (I'm sure!) soon be seeing this movie. But I will simply say I think it's the best of all the Bond films -- and I really loved "Skyfall."

Q and Moneypenny fans will be very happy, I think. (We are and we were!)

Marilyn bought the special ULTIMATE TICKET for "Spectre," which allows super fans of the movie to go and see the film whenever they want. Marilyn plans to track her attendance and share photos on Social Media, so this could end up quite fun!

Anyway, the ticket is a collectible card made out of black anodized steel emblazoned with the inimitable octopus symbol of Spectre -- and it's very cool! It has her name on it on the back. It was fascinating for her to use it, as it was the first one they'd ever seen at the ticket booth.

Carol bought my ticket, so I need to be sure to get her cash back to her. Carol and her friend Cindy went with us tonight.

Nice moment today (aside from the movie)? Marilyn joined sister Sue and me and we all went to the Burrito House for lunch!

Our oil was delivered today -- and I loved the delivery guy! So nice. We talked for around 45 minutes. 200 gallons are in the tank. (woo hoo)

Well, we both need to wash our hair and then head to bed. We're off to Wildlife Safari with Rich and Merlin tomorrow! (We're taking two cars to drive there, but meeting up when we arrive to drive through together.) It should be fun!

Goodnight, everyone! Happy dreams.
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