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Maybe Not Bad -- But Annoying: OHP, Comcast and Ordering Oil

Quickly, as I'm tired and there's SO MUCH TO TELL...

I spent an hour and two minutes (not kidding) on HOLD waiting to connect with someone from OHP (my health insurance). Long story short: While checking on oil stats, I discovered it was past time for my insurance renewal papers (going by 2014). So I decided I'd better call. I don't think I've ever held that long on a phone call. But I did some other work while waiting. (sigh) The guy is sending me a form, hopefully soon. (I think I'm actually good through December, oddly enough.)

Then I called Comcast and held for half an hour. More about that in a separate entry, I think! No appointment until November 12, for heavens sake!!!

In contrast, my WONDERFUL oil company was easy to reach and great help, as always. And she had good news! The cost of oil for 100 gallons was $225 -- and for 200 gallons (which is what I ordered), $410. That's $206 less than last year -- and $252 less than in 2013. Amazing!!! And she knew the exact savings, as she had my file right in front of her. That's how business interactions should go!

The oil will be delivered on Thursday.

I ended up staying home because Henry was VERY SICK both last night and this morning. He threw up and it was a mess to clean up. So I wanted to keep an eye on him -- plus clean up any messes right away. Thankfully he didn't throw up again. But he did want to be held a lot, not feeling well. Poor guy!!!

Good thing I stayed home, with all the other stuff I did today...

Marilyn got her dental appointment to have her tooth checked out for tomorrow! That's great news!!!

I have a sore throat and headache today. I've been chilled and overheated numerous times in the past several days, so it's little wonder. Either in a sweat, or freezing. The house was 64' this morning and I was quite cold! But I had to go out to stick the oil (before ordering), and that was REALLY COLD!!! (ugh)

We currently have 130 gallons of oil, which is not bad. It's nice to order when we're around 100 gallons or so.

Marilyn and I were watching "Skyfall" tonight. We both LOVE that movie! I hope the new Bond film is as good! (It's on right now...)

We also saw much of "A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion" -- which was set around the death of JFK (in 1963). As always, it was well done. I had it on when she came home, so we just watched it to the end.

Sister Sue is going to take me shopping tomorrow for a few things. So nice of her!

I can't find the email confirming Blake coming by tomorrow morning. So now I don't know if he's coming or not. (sigh) I should have checked that out earlier today!

Donn did go in to the office and take care of some work for me. And the website meeting will be held another time.

Looks like Marilyn and I might go with Rich and Merlin to Wildlife Safari on Friday!

Time for bed. Marilyn has a very early meeting. And I should be up in case Blake DOES come...

Goodnight, dear friends!!!
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