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Rainy Days at the Beach: Halloween and All Saints Day

Halloween, Saturday, October 31, 2015:
We did have a really nice Halloween -- in spite of the rainy weather and only eight (!!!) Trick or Treaters for 2015! (sad) Our neighbors brought us a gift of Halloween wine glasses. And we talked to our friend Shari for some time.

And watched a lot of good movies (mostly black and white) on TV.

We had our usual hot dogs and chili with potato chips (Marilyn ran to the store to get those). And we had our decorations up. Fun.

Sunday, November 1, 2015:
Sister Sue and her friend Larry came today for a visit. It was Larry's first time here. After I'd given him the tour, the four of us went to eat at the Gearhart McMenamins, where Marilyn, Larry and I had breakfast, and Sue had lunch. Then we drove around a little bit before heading back to the house.

I did take time to set up Larry's LiveJournal account -- but it still needs to have the email validated. Anyway, it's a start!

Marilyn and I had considered going home today. We're worried about possible FLOODING (!!!) at our Portland house -- as there's been terrible amounts of rain and lots of flooding all over the city. But we both really wanted to stay another night. Hopefully we won't be going home to flooding. I guess only time will answer that question.

I did take down all the Halloween decorations (!!!). Then I put up the Thanksgiving ones! (It wore me out, to tell you the truth. But I'm glad I did it!)

I got the book (for my Kindle) "The Martian," which is what the movie is based on. I started reading it to Marilyn, which put her right to sleep. Hahaha.

I'm keeping this short, as I'm tired and want to head to bed. Good night, all!
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