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Long Day -- Tired.

Marilyn's the one who had the REALLY, REALLY long day. We were at the office before 7:30 (she had a 7:30 Auction meeting). I went over to Starbucks for coffee while she went into her meeting. Then Rich came in and I walked over with him while he got coffee (he often does that with me).

By the way, I currently have 7,800 steps for today (just over that).

Marilyn had meetings ALL DAY LONG -- with hardly any time in between!

I met with Rich about SmugMug (I want him to figure out what's going on with it and get back to me, which he didn't do today).

I worked on the website for several hours today. I finally created a Sanctioned Events page there (which I've felt we needed from day one of the new website). We have some ideas about it that could prove quite handy.

Then we had Staff meeting. After that I did more website stuff. And finally walked to McDonald's for food. When I got back I left some food for Marilyn (in case she found time to eat). And went upstairs to eat a sandwich. But Vern came in with stuff about our family tree, so I broke away to go meet with him.

He brought a lot of wonderful stuff, researching the Zumwalt family (my Dad's mother's line) back to the 1600's -- among many other things. He had a great picture of Grandma Tyler marrying Grandpa Tyler.

Then I went back and finished my sandwich. At some point during the day I told Shelley that I would NOT meet alone with the auditors when they come in. Long story, but it is their job to search for issues -- and one year they made IT into a huge source of problems! The guy twisted my words, and without a witness, there was no way to prove what I said (or didn't say). I actually prefer to do a written interview. I asked Shelley if she could get me the questions in advance, so we'll see...

We had Creative Team meeting late in the day. It seemed to go really well. I was so tired during it that part of the time I had trouble keeping my eyes open. But I didn't doze off, thankfully! I think these are important meetings...

Then it was past 5:00 and the meeting ended. A bunch of the staff took off for the day. Marilyn had a ton of things to do now that her meetings were finally over. I went back to doing some web stuff. But I also spent some time reviewing the paperwork Vern had brought in. Fascinating!!!

We got away from the office around 9:15, and headed to Walmart to get some 'blue' (the pills we take for allergies that we've been out of recently). We picked up a few other things, getting home around 10:00-ish. We're both beat...

Thom dropped by the office today and I got to visit with him -- he's such a wonderful man! He reminded us that he still wants to go and have dinner. He's heading to New York tomorrow for several days with friends. I hope he has a good time. I know he's missing his dear wife so much.

Poor Marilyn only had a break to use the bathroom all day long!!! That's hard.

I need to do the garbage and recycling, but I think I'll wait until the middle of the night. I might nap first, as I'm so sleepy...

We both need to wash our hair, but might wait until morning.

I also need to do my pills for the next several days before we head to the beach. We're driving down tomorrow. Then I'm going to decorate for Halloween.

Jeff will be down on Thursday.

I did call my doctor and leave a message for LaToya (Leslie's assistant). She called back and we spoke again (I talked to her last Friday). I want to find out about the two meds I was supposed to get. She said she'd get back to me by this Friday with whether or not insurance will cover them.

I also wrote back to Blake about meeting for the work we want him to do on the house... We went back and forth. I think we're meeting Wednesday of next week.

And I talked to my friend June in the evening. It was nice to hear her voice, as we haven't talked in several days. Her son Jim Jim was there, which is nice!

I guess that's my day, so far. The cats missed us today, so I've been giving them some attention.

I almost forgot to mention going back and forth with Kris about IT projects today -- via text, email and phone. We did resolve some things, but there are other things I'd certainly love to get resolved. I didn't have Donn in today. (Out of money until the new fiscal year...)

Boring day -- but a very busy one! Good night, friends.
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