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A Sleepy Day...

This was pretty much a SLEEPY Autumn day. I really didn't get anything done, to speak of.

We'd considered going in to work this evening, but it just didn't happen. We were both really tired today. So we slept A LOT. And I think that's just fine.

It was so cute! I was going to lie down in Marilyn's bed -- and when I went in her bedroom, Colin had beat me to it! He apparently LOVES the new comforter, so he was in there having a nap. And I crawled in and then he napped with me. I haven't seen him in hours, so for all I know he's in there sleeping right this minute. Hahaha. I wonder if it somehow reminds him of Marilyn's bed down at the beach. He loves to sleep on her bed during the day there. That comforter is really soft, too, so maybe that's it. I don't have a clue. I wish he could tell me!

We still need to get a new range. But in the meanwhile, it's interesting coming up with food we can eat without using an oven. You can make fairly decent toasted cheese sandwiches without the broiler. That's a bit surprising, but if you have a toaster for the bread, that let's you make really firm toast. (Marilyn always likes her toast a bit burnt.) We like rye bread. Then I used sliced cheddar and 'cut' it to fit the toast. Finally I heat it in the microwave until it melts. (It was actually our Dad who got me making toasted cheese that way every now and then. But I hadn't done it in years and years until the oven went out.)

For soup, I wanted to make tomato soup. And we've been eating Campbell's forever (since childhood). Frankly, I'm fine with all those other soups people like to eat, but do not judge me for liking Campbell's. It is what it is. On the other hand, in the process of making the soup 'more healthy' (how I despise that trend!!!), they ruined the flavor several years back. I'm not even sure why we had tomato soup in the house. For quite some time we'd only get the harvest orange version, then I guess they quit making it. But I took two cans of tomato and used a whisk to make them smooth, then added very little water -- plus some Blood Mary mix! We had a Five Peppers variety that's very spicy! And the soup turned out WONDERFUL. I will totally make it that way again. It ends up with small chunks of peppers and has an almost homemade thing going on -- only it's ready in a few minutes time.

In fact, the whole meal was ready quickly! So with a hot pot of coffee, that was our (late) lunch today. Yummy.

As for dinner (also quite late!!!), I made refried beans. Two cans heated in a fry pan. These used to come pretty stiff and thick directly out of the can. But this is another annoying food trend: Adding water to products to thin them out. We all know why that's done. But it makes it difficult to make these thinned foods thick again! Hey, I'd pay more if we could have an old version of the food back!!! But I made a pot of quinoa, and I add that to the refried beans -- which thickens them beautifully! We couldn't have these in taco shells (which we really like), but eating a bowl of the beans is fine, too.

Then I heated green beans with some butter -- we liked them well-cooked. But the two in a bowl and you have a good meal. At least we both really like it! And quinoa is very good for you (especially if you have blood sugar issues). Beans are a healthy food, too. Adding green beans gives us a veggie, and admittedly we don't eat many of those...

We have some cake donuts in the house, so we can have them with coffee for a treat. They really aren't that high in sugar (part of why we like the taste so much). Or we could have some vanilla ice cream (we have that, too). A good food day, anyway.

So you can live without a working oven if you have to. Obviously we need to alleviate that situation soon, but we're getting by okay in the meantime.

We rented the movie "Tomorrowland" On Demand and have watched part of it. We're really enjoying it, so far. Anyway, we're going to finish watching it when I'm done blogging.

I did read a little bit today. 'Comfort reading' -- meaning I read and re-read (and re-read and re-read) one of my very favorite books. Yes, yes: Over and over and over again! In this case, I have a series of books that were sold as one block for my Kindle. I love that, because I can either start at the beginning, or just pick any spot inside one of the four books in the series. As a rule, not just any book can make it into my comfort reading collection, by the way. When I just want to read for nothing but enjoyment, it has to be HIGH QUALITY WRITING. The author doesn't have to be famous, as long as he or she can put things together with beautiful writing.

I can't imagine just reading anything by anyone. Okay, that's not true. I'm always giving some unknown author a chance. And I read a lot of BAD writing. But I generally need to 'clean my palate' with EXCELLENT writing on a regular basis. So I don't care how many times I've read and re-read something. If it's good (or great) writing, it will always keep me engaged. Just the flow of the writing can be worth many, many reads.

I know this doesn't make sense for everyone. But it works for me. I've known many people who would never re-read something they'd read before. And that's fine. But it's beyond me to understand...

Well, as you can probably tell, I don't have much to write about today! Hahaha. How I cook something is probably REALLY BORING (!!!). And how I prefer to read is equally so, I'm sure! I guess I don't have anything interesting to share today. Maybe I should have stopped with the sleeping part. Hahaha.

Work tomorrow. And we'll need to stay late to do the project that didn't get done yesterday or today! But that's fine. Wednesday we'll head to the beach.

It looks like Sue and Larry (and maybe Nancy, too) will be coming to our beach house on Sunday! Larry's never seen the house before (nor has Nancy), so that will be really fabulous!!! Both Marilyn and I are looking forward to it.

I'm annoyed with myself: I wanted to go over and see my friend June today! But I slept for ages. I thought about calling her, but it was so late I was afraid I'd wake Jim, even if she was still awake. Darn. The best laid plans of mice and men... (sigh)

Sleep well, everyone!!!
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