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Blustery Autumn Day! Dracula on the Big Screen and Comforter Shopping

We started out our day going to Starbucks to meet sister Sue -- and ended up running into Adeena there! We finally gave Sue her souvenir gift from our trip to the U.S. Open (we got her a hat). About time!

While at Starbucks we got to see Nicole at work -- very exciting!!!

And we were sitting with a stranger who became a new friend! Her name is Kerry Strickland -- and interestingly enough, she (like Adeena) lives in Battle Ground, Washington. She's a motivational speaker and has an online site. She told us about her amazing son, Daniel, who unfortunately was killed at the age of 27. He was a 2009 Ph.D. graduate of Stanford, who was a junior professor at Santa Clara University, focusing on researching affordable energy conversion. I plan to follow Kerry at Facebook and hopefully get to know her better.

Marilyn wanted to see the 1931 "Dracula" on the big screen. Sue wasn't interested (she -- unlike us -- is NOT a horror person). But we invited Adeena along and she joined us. It was really fun! We watched part of the Spanish version (which we'd never even heard of before today!!!), but didn't stay to the end. That's just too long too sit in a theater. And to think when we were kids we'd go to double features all the time -- and sit through them twice!!! Hahaha. I'm so glad Marilyn decided to go. It was a treat.

After that we came home, planning to go to the office. But we changed our minds. We fooled around for a bit, then decided to go shopping. We needed to get a new comforter for Marilyn's bed and some bed linens. And Marilyn needed some new clothes for work. Plus my pj bottoms that I mentioned! So we went to Ross, then to our local Walmart.

When we got home, we decided to watch "The Walking Dead." I won't spoil, except to say they killed off another major character on tonight's show. It's hard to even care anymore. I read someone reviewing the episode who said basically the same thing, by the way. There are just so many deaths that you start expecting them all the time, yawn.

I'm looking forward to talking it over with Jeff. I guess he's already been texting Marilyn about it!

Speaking of Jeff, he and Marilyn are having a RETREAT this week at our beach house -- and he's going to stay overnight. He's coming down on Thursday and leaving on Friday. We're really looking forward to his visit. He's been to our house once before, but just for a few hours. This should be fun!

Sister Sue can't make it down because she's got a cribbage tournament this weekend. I was thinking she could come for Halloween, but I didn't know about tournament (or if I did, I'd forgotten about it). That's okay. I'm sure we'll get down again soon, and hopefully she can come down next time.

The new comforter set for Marilyn's bed is really pretty!!! I need to take pictures. It's bright colors with a flower pattern in deep blue, pinks, greens and yellow. It really brightens up the room! And she got a fabulous set of satin sheets in red! It sounds shocking, I know, but they're really lovely. It looks very nice on her bed.

Today was rainy and blustery -- very much an Autumn day! Last night was chilly (again). I'm sure glad to have my new warm pjs!

I can't think what I'm forgetting, so I'll call this good. We need to go to the office tomorrow and on Tuesday (as I mentioned before). I'll need to come home Tuesday night and do the garbage and recycling so I can put it out before we leave for the beach on Wednesday. I still need to contact June and ask her about putting the cans down...

I also need to do my pills before the beach trip! I've been just doing them on a daily basis. That's fine when I'm at home, but I don't want to haul all those various bottles down to the beach with me! Hahaha.

Well, I guess we'll head to bed soon. We pretty much stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG last night!
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