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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Errands Today -- Warm, Warm Day! 
beauty cats
Marilyn and I literally slept in until NOON today! And it felt GREAT. Wow. We were just tired from last week, which was a killer...

Anyway, we're finally starting to have a bit of Autumn weather around here. At least it was quite chilly during the night, last night! I had to get up and hunt around for something else to wear to bed, because I was FREEZING! And I got rid of all my old flannel pj bottoms months back, so I finally found cotton pants that would work -- but they have beading on the legs. So I kept scratching myself on the beads. Yeah, they didn't work that well, but I was tired and cold and whatever.

Marilyn was asleep on the sofa and I tried to get her to have a blanket (she was under a sheet) and she said no. Of course, she was half asleep, so... Later in the morning she, too, was freezing! And she asked me to get her a blanket. I'm pretty sure she didn't remember me trying to force her to have one in the middle of the night. Hahaha.

I need to go shopping and get a couple pairs of flannel pants to wear to bed now. I wear shorts for most of the year, but when it's chilly, that just doesn't cut it.

Anyway, we wanted to go to Mr. Formal today -- which is where we rented the tux I wore to the Auction. They've been having their annual sale at their warehouse. I guess they always have one right before Halloween. So Marilyn figured out where it was and we headed there. It's actually only a few blocks away from their store. We got out and there was a rack outside and we immediately each found a cheap jacket for $5 and $10! Then we went inside and each found a nicer one. And we got $2 bow ties, too. Marilyn said she'd even wear the tux jacket to work, it looks so nice on her. And it really, really does! So we had wanted to do that and we did! We were proud of ourselves. Often we don't even get out on Saturdays...

Then we headed to McDonald's to get food. We're excited about their all-day breakfast thing. After that Marilyn was dying for a ride, so we headed to Sauvie Island and went to the Columbia Farm and bought a couple of pumpkins. The other main farms were way too busy to get near them! But we'd planned to go to the Columbia Farm all along, so no worries. It was such a beautiful, sunny day that it was hard to take photos! We were squinting from the sun, plus our shadows were out of control. I kid you not.

On the way home we stopped first at Safeway, and then at Freddies. We wanted cake donuts, and you seriously CAN NOT GET THEM at Safeway. I have no idea why that's true! Their bakery cake donuts are AWFUL. And they don't carry any boxed versions. Why not???

But Freddie's bakery ALWAYS has them, and those are really good ones! There's something about Autumn that begs for coffee and cake donuts. (I suspect that Dad's up in heaven right now having some. Of course he liked to leave them to get HARD before eating them, so he could dunk them without them falling apart. Hahaha.

So we came home and had to unpack groceries, and tux jackets and pumpkins! Oh my. I still haven't washed off those pumpkins!!!

Then after unpacking the groceries we got, we were dealing with the 'strange odor in the fridge thing.' All week we've been smelling something bad in the fridge. Actually, Marilyn has been smelling it. But I haven't. Here's why that's a bad thing: In our home, I'm THE NOSE. Every home needs THE NOSE. Normally Marilyn can't smell most things. It's up to me to smell and discover 'bad' smells, or 'hot' smells (I smell something hot -- I'd better check the oven, check the cords, check the fireplace). You need THE NOSE, but it doesn't have to be all people in the house, thankfully.

Actually, Marilyn ruined her nose using Zicam. She used to use it constantly! Then at one point she couldn't smell or taste anything at all! We found out that the version they used to have out had that side effect. They don't even sell that version anymore. And Zicam doesn't work as well now, so Marilyn quit using it. But it used to help her fight off colds -- or make them last less long when she got one. I guess her sense of smell is back now. Not as good as mine, but much better! And this time of year I deal with so many allergies that I struggle to have THE NOSE work the way it should. So all week I kept trying to figure out what was bad in the fridge, but couldn't.

Anyway, today we just started taking things out of the fridge and freezer -- just in case. I just forced Marilyn to go and sniff the fridge right now. And she can't smell anything, so I guess we 'got' whatever it was. I'm still not certain what it was! But it's amazing to me how hard it is to track down 'bad' smells. Sometimes it ends up being some bad dairy thing. Or bread that's moldy, or whatever. I suppose it happens to everyone, but I wonder some days! I feel like it's my fault for not keeping on top of tossing out old things. But they can just 'sneak' past me, I suppose.

And now I just had Henry upset and crying. So I follow him downstairs (both Marilyn and I were upstairs in the office while I blogged) and he had poo poo all over the carpet. It actually embarrasses him (seriously), and while I cleaned up, he went and 'hid' under the chair in Marilyn's room...

It's not his fault. It's a part of his condition, which is always worse in Autumn. And we've been letting him go on and off his meds, which are actually part of the problem. It's hard to know at what point they help, and when they actually make things worse. The crusty stuff on his ears, mouth and so on get worse without meds, but things like the recent pee pee accident get worse from the meds. I think the poo poo thing does, too.

I don't handle cleaning up this stuff as well as I used to, by the way. Not sure, but I think it's somewhat age-related, as much as I hate admitting that. I wonder why that is? Somebody always has to be THE MOTHER -- and I don't really mean that in the sense of being a female parent. I mean, somebody in the house has to take care of tasks we generally relate to our mother (or whomever is in that role, woman or MAN). Just like every home needs THE NOSE (which is often THE MOTHER, but not always). Just like every home needs a spider killer. Hahaha. There are tons of things that have to be done that require one (or more) people be able to do them.

To be clear, I'm not suggesting these roles are either male or female -- they're non-gender, I think. And I'm not saying these can't be shared by more than one person. But it seems like usually one person is THE ONE who does whatever it is -- if you know what I mean.

Now I need to go check out poor Henry. His fur is long. And poop catches in it, even when it's not soft and stinky. So I'll probably need to both wash and clip him to clean it up. Maybe not, but don't wager against that! Hahaha. I'll gag my way through it, but at least I can do it.

Ideally I want to FORCE myself (if necessary) to keep doing these tasks I've always done. Because I don't like to give in to age as a reason for NOT doing any given thing. Like sitting on the floor, for example! Marilyn and I spent a huge portion of our life always sitting on the floor -- and even preferring it. I just want to know I can sit down on the floor -- then get up again -- without too much fuss. If you're younger and reading this, that must sound crazy. But flexibility just isn't the same after a certain age, no matter how much we want to deny that. Plus we deal with a lot more body pains in many different places, and sitting on the hard floor doesn't work very well for that...

I keep thinking I'd like to start a blog just about being older. Something that speaks to all those day in and day out things -- and the ways we deal with them! Nobody wants to be OLD -- in all the negative senses of the word. Yet we want to still be around! You've only got two alternatives: You get old, or you die. So learning ways to make being older not suck is just essential.

Attitude is the most important thing, of course. Obviously it helps if you have your health, but even that can have workarounds. Not sure how I got to this during this entry, but aging is a part of my life. I don't focus on it constantly, but it's a fact of life.

Of course, part of the whole thing is: At what point do we think about being old? Marilyn and I always said we weren't going there. And we still feel strongly about not giving in to AGE as an excuse to miss out on living a full and happy life! I remember scolding our friend Mitch when we turned 50 and was calling himself old. (And he died at 55, which I do NOT consider old.) Perhaps the longer you go not thinking of being old, the older you're able to be. I don't know. Just thoughts pushing out there. Hahaha.

We finally watched last week's "The Walking Dead." During it, Marilyn asked me why we still watch the show. We really don't enjoy it anymore. We haven't for some time, actually. But Jeff enjoys talking about it with me, so I literally watch the show so he and I can discuss it. I just like sharing that with him.

Frankly, "The Walking Dead" is far too negative a series. I do NOT like to think about the world that way. Maybe that works for teenage boys and other young men. Maybe that works for the producers and certain men and women, too. But in MY world MOST people are GOOD. Yes, there are BAD people. But there aren't as many bad people as there are good ones. I like a world where we TRUST authority and TRUST each other. And we try to work together. Where people have values and mores. I believe in morality. I think many people practice religion and do so in a generous and positive way. TWD doesn't reflect the world I live in. It's in some different reality entirely.

I think it's BAD for young people to watch it. It gives them a very bad view of the world and other people. It makes them more negative. It makes them anti-authority and anti-religious. And it makes them less likely to trust others.

Yes, the constant violence eventually wears me out, too. It's bloody and gruesome, but normally I wouldn't care that much about that -- I was raised on horror films, after all. But why try to be more and more and more bloody all the time? Why try to make the zombies (PLEASE CALL THEM ZOMBIES!!!) look more and more and more disgusting? I mean, they're already DISGUSTING, okay?

And over time we see every single character become more and more unlikable. I really do want to be able to like more than one or two characters. But I want to like SOMEBODY, or what's the point???

Jeff admitted he just doesn't like "Fear the Walking Dead" at all. He hasn't connected with any of the characters, and dislikes that the military and police are portrayed as totally negative. Well, that's how the whole franchise sees authority figures! The military is bad. Police are bad. Priests are bad. And I won't even bother to discuss the racist thing, because it's been talked about many times. But you don't want to be a black man on this series! Look out, Morgan!

It's a dumbing down thing, too. Having a higher education is generally portrayed as negative, as well. It's all about street smarts. Look at our main 'group' and tell me one person who has been to college. Can't name one, can you? Because intelligence is also seen as bad...

They have had some educated characters, like Andrea (an attorney). But not that many. The assumption is that if you're smart, you can't take care of yourself. Really? They'd better hope the zombies stick around forever, because otherwise a day will come when they need to get the world back to where it used to be. They'll need some people with brains (not just snack brains) who might be able to fix things like electricity and machinery and on and on. Wait! Daryl can hotwire a car!!!

Again, not sure how I got to this point. Rambling tonight.

One last thing: LiveJournal keeps LOGGING ME OUT. It's a real pain!!! I wish they'd fix it. (sigh)

Time to think about bed, obviously. Sweet dreams!
October 25, 2015 (Sunday) 10:28 am (UTC)
My long haired cat, Rossini, has similar problems.. he is intolerant to most grains and while I do feed him strictly food without them, he is outside for a big part of the day and who knows what he eats.. anyway, cat diarrhea is part of our lives, and it being caught in long haired behinds too. Sigh. Just this morning I had to clean him up again and am planning to cut out quite a bit of that plush hair there...
October 25, 2015 (Sunday) 10:50 am (UTC)
Nice to read your blog and will get it answered before the next day. I had a lot of comments about the whole age thing. Maybe we can go to my Starbucks for coffee tomorrow. I will call you in the morning. The services for Linda Tamblyn were very nice and a large attendance, then we went to a brew pub for food and beer. Linda loved beer a lot. Marilyn had come up from California and was staying a few days with Linda's brother who is having lots of trouble with this loss. Marilyn was also feeling very down because she is 80 and doing so well and Linda passed at 65. I told her not to feel that way, but I understand why she feels that way. We had a nice visit and both David and Terry were there. David got married to his young man friend and is very happy and Terry still has the same man in his life after losing his true love to aids. Terry drove me over to the brew pub and a ton of my good friends were there also. It was a huge attendance and that was very nice. Linda R. held court a lot and loved being the center of attention. I had wished that Candy would go with me, but she went to the spa with her two best friends for an early birthday celebration. Larry would have gone with me, but it was the Salem tournament and he went to it. He told me last night that there were 116 people there and only 98 asked about me. I said why not the others and he had they were in the bathroom. Pretty funny and made me feel good. I will call in the morning.
October 25, 2015 (Sunday) 04:14 pm (UTC)
Gosh, I wish I had known about Linda T.'s service. I would have gone. Even if I don't know most of those people that well, it would have been nice to see them once more. I hate to wait for another funeral. You better keep taking care of yourself so you never die. I have a feeling you'll outlive me, though.
October 25, 2015 (Sunday) 12:51 pm (UTC)
I've never found The Walking Dead compelling for many of the reasons you say. I know plenty of folks who do like it.

The "getting older" blog could be interesting. I know my wife has said a number of times "I wish someone told me this was normal" about some of the things that happen. She made a point to tell some of our younger friends. They said they appreciated it.

I know what you mean about cleaning it up. It is about responsibility to get it done. That is not gender based.
Someone has to make sure it gets done and that's all there is to it.

Glad you got some sleep!