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Successful Board Meeting -- Breakthrough With the Family Tree!

Marilyn and I are HOME (before 10:00, no less!) from the Autumn Board Meeting. Hurray!!!

Actually, we were at the Burrito House by just past 8:00, where I'd phoned to set a reservation for the large round table. Shannon (new board member, a Queen mother) and Ron (board member who won Director of the Year tonight) joined Angel, Christine, Carol, Jeff, Marilyn and me there for drinks and a bite to eat. (Jeff very kindly picked up the bill.)

We often do this after the meeting, but normally don't include board members. But I didn't want to end up with less people than I'd told them would be there! So I invited some extra folks...

And we all had a delightful time!!!

So, two drinks later (good thing we ate something), I'm feeling fine. Now I need to get in and do the garbage and recycling. (Thankfully it's not 'real' garbage week!) That reminds me: I need to ask June if they'll put our cans down at the curb for us next week, as we hope to be at the beach house by Wednesday...

The meeting went really well. I'm glad to report that after all of Marilyn's efforts to coordinate it! Again, she was at work until past 10:00 last night (getting home around 10:30). Good grief. She didn't need to speak or do anything (well, much) tonight, which was nice. And two board members brought cameras and took photos, so I didn't need to take any! Cool.

This morning I took in a briefcase with just Family Tree items inside. Partly to share with others and partly to work on. Jillian has an Ancestry.Com account, and was letting me use it -- and helping me to search for the Tyler relatives. It wasn't going very well, then suddenly we had a breakthrough! And we found a bunch of information.

Here's a sad note: I discovered Grandma Elsie's mother there. It included all the usual info. When she was born and where, when she died and where. When she had married and who her spouse was (and where they had married). And a list of her children. It's a list that DOES NOT INCLUDE Grandma's name! I guess because she was illegitimate, she just doesn't exist in official records for her mother. Isn't that sad??? I think that would have really hurt Grandma... Yes, you can find Grandma as a separate listing. But how can she be left off the list of her mother's children??? She was her FIRST child. But born two years before Emma married Guy Tyler...

Anyway, Vern came by to bring our DNA kits that had arrived! So we'll be doing them soon. We need to be totally prepared in advance, to be sure we'd do them correctly. Vern got one, too, so he can also do it.

And we talked for some time: Vern, Marilyn and me. Then Marilyn went off to her meeting and Vern and I talked. Finally I suggested we go to lunch. We went to Chinese. By now it was past 2:00, and they were closed. But when they saw me they let us stay and eat anyway! They're very nice to me there. It was very pleasant, as we spent more than half our lunch entirely alone, with only the employees around.

Vern told me he was very excited to have somebody else really into this to talk to. He's really passionate about it. And we discussed it quite a bit. We had a lovely lunch.

I sent him the information I had on Etienne Lucier (we were told all our life that we were related to him). Plus I finally was able to send him the Anderson information. Actually, it's the Anderson and Tyler info -- the stuff on Mom's side.

I still need to send him the Clint and Zumwalt stuff (Dad's side). But I ran out of time today... Tomorrow!!!

I need to dash off and do the garbage and recycling so I can head to bed. I'm really TIRED tonight.

More tomorrow! I hope to share an actual chunk of family tree stuff -- and maybe some photos and info. Anyway, that's what I'm thinking! I suppose I need to get organized on it first. Hahaha. What a concept, huh?

Pleasant dreams, everyone!!!
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