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IT Win -- Headache? Still Here.

Marilyn wanted to watch "Shark Tank" (which she loves), but fell asleep before it even started. She's just so tired.

We were talking about it on the way to work this morning (we went in pretty late). We both struggle with this time of year and always have (since we were kids). We actually LOVE Autumn! But it's a tough time for us, health-wise. Fatigue is much of it. Marilyn has fought seasonal exhaustion as long as I can remember (and I was around to recall her whole life, so...). In my case, my allergies have been really bad since college and have gotten worse over time.

So we DO THE BEST WE CAN -- and call it good! We're proud when we're able to do anything beyond just getting by. Adding late nights, or extra activities -- especially on the weekends -- makes us proud. Because we both require most rest and more SLEEP this time of year. And could basically hibernate during these months.

My headache was better this morning, but not entirely gone. I felt kind of lousy, actually. If I hadn't needed to tackle IT and meet with Kris, I'd have stayed home (and more than likely stayed down). Oh well.

But as it turned out, I'm very, VERY glad that I went to the office today!

My goal was to start Marilyn's computer in Safe Mode and see if her Outlook worked better. That would indicate that our problem was an Add-in. The Safe Mode thing didn't work.

Interesting note: Starting your computer in Safe Mode is normally done by doing a Restart, then hitting the F8 key repeatedly. You get a screen that lets you select Safe Mode. But I couldn't get that to work. So in Win 7 you use Run and a certain command to go to where you can just set the computer to start in Safe Mode. Then you have to use this to deselect that option to go back to normal, by the way. Anyway, I learn new things all the time! Hahaha.

Looking at Marilyn's systray, I had noticed Fitbit running there. So I deleted the software. I believe this helped, but Marilyn doesn't really think so. Nevertheless, she didn't need Fitbit on her computer, so...

But she'd mentioned her concern about TeamViewer. So I eventually googled it and found out it automatically puts itself as an add-in to Outlook. And I found out how to disable it.

To be clear, I'd been in the add-ins last week, because that was one of the things suggested to get things running. But I don't even remember seeing it there!

Anyway, I got the TeamViewer add-in disabled, did a restart of Marilyn's computer and suddenly this issue that's been going on for weeks was GONE!!! She was back to being able to use her Outlook perfectly!

I'm only sorry it took this long to figure it out and finally fix it. She's just been going crazy and has been really suffering because of this problem.

So our joke was that it was like a parent with a missing kid. The parent hugs the missing kid when he's found -- then slaps him for disappearing in the first place! That was me! She was delighted I'd fixed it, but wanted to know why it took me so long. (grin)

Next week Donn is coming in and I'm going to have him FIX THIS on every computer in the office -- just in case.

In other news, Marilyn had TWO very important meetings today (the reason she couldn't stay home, even though she wasn't feeling all that great this morning). One was with a Sponsor considering some events (I can't really discuss it, because this is all still confidential at this point). The other was with Gene about floats (again, it's got confidential elements, too). I guess both meetings went well, anyway. The second meeting came out with Marilyn being required to attend a TON OF MEETINGS in the future that she hasn't needed to go to in the past. I just don't know how she can add all this to her already crazy workload. Something will need to change, for sure...

I was dealing with the email accounts for RHSAA. I need to do more, but I got a lot done in around 90 minutes of work.

Marilyn's second meeting (with Gene) happened around 3:00-ish -- and they went out of office for coffee to talk. My meeting with Kris was due to start around 4:00-4:30, but happened earlier. I was over fixing Calisa's Outlook (totally different issue) when he got there.

As for Calisa's problem, she'd been moved to a new computer when she came back. She logged on there, but she'd never had her Profile set up! So she had no access to Outlook at all (!!!). Chistie had come to me to say there was no Outlook on her computer. Well, it wasn't that! But you couldn't easily navigate to it (unless you knew how). And it would still need to be set up initially for use -- and that's not something we have our users do (that's my job, or Donn's). I got her Outlook ready. But I'm going to have Donn do the rest of the Profile next Tuesday.

Kris and I met in Marilyn's office and talked for ages. We did some personal visiting (we hadn't seen each other in some time). Then we chatted about a TON of IT-related things. Thankfully we didn't need to spend much time on Marilyn's issue, which was resolved (so Kris didn't even need to put hands on Marilyn's computer). But we were talking the Server, the Server OS, the Exchange, our Antivirus (which expired today -- Donn had firmly reminded me). And on and on. We need to get an outline of all this and start working up budgets for the larger and more expensive items...

There's more, but I won't bother going into it.

However, on a personal note, Kris has offered to try to help us find a used range and install it in our kitchen. So we might take him up on that. Which reminds me that I need to go measure it and send those measurements to him.

After Kris left, Marilyn, Christine and I were talking. She was going to the ballet tonight, and we ended up going to dinner together, which was very nice! We each ordered our own entree, but we ended up eating it family style. Yummy!

Marilyn and I got home before 8:00. My headache was much worse by then, so I went in to lie down. Then I got up again and she went to sleep. Here I am, blogging, so I can go back to bed.

I need to get a lot of rest tomorrow, so I won't be miserable for the CONCERT tomorrow night!!! Marilyn and I are VERY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! We've never seen Madonna in concert before. It was so wonderful of Adeena to get the three of us tickets! And she bought us t-shirts to wear, too! Anyway, it's going to be SO MUCH FUN! Can't wait.

Oh. About my clinic: I phoned AGAIN today and left another message. I never heard a word at work. Then I came home and had a message on my home phone. Too late to call back, obviously. She would have had that number from yesterday, when I was home. I suppose she never got the message from TODAY with my other number. I'd find it amusing, but I do need to talk to her. I guess next week...

I guess I need to hunt up a tape measure now.

Good night all!
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